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Pros / In the event your business loses phone service due to a natural disaster, your customers can still reach a representative of your company.

Cons / You must meet a minimum call volume of 75 phone minutes per month.

 Verdict / Despite lacking some calling features and requiring a monthly minimum, Xact Telesolutions has a dynamic range of features for both inbound and outbound call center services that make it worth looking into.

Xact Telesolutions offers a multifaceted solution to handling phone calls – both inbound and outbound. You can outsource receptionist duties for scheduling appointments, processing orders and checking back to see if your customers are happy to this call center. It even tailors programs to precisely suit your company. However, this company is missing a few features, particularly for outbound services.

This service can arrange appointments for your company. It also employs automated services such as voicemail and voice messaging. In addition, you can have agents take and process orders for you. The inbound call center representatives assist customers buying with credit cards and schedule follow-up customer satisfaction calls.

You must have a minimum of 75 minutes of phone time per month that Xact Telesolutions agents can answer to be eligible to work with this company. While it’s not an incredibly high minimum, it’s still something to consider if you don’t have a consistently high number of calls.

Xact Telesolutions hires only English speakers with neutral accents who can communicate clearly and effectively. It can provide fluent Spanish-speaking representatives to handle calls as well. For other language needs, agents connect with a third party that offers interpretation services for many other languages.

The call center can help with disaster recovery services as well. If your business is threatened with a natural disaster that could disrupt phone service or prevent you from answering incoming calls, such as a tornado or hurricane, you can forward your calls to the call center. Agents are available all day, every day, throughout the year, so you'll have someone ready to take your calls at any time.

Agents can work with you on lead generation efforts that target the potential clients you would like to add to your customer base. This call center company can also conduct many different types of surveys. You can have agents check with your customers to get feedback on the service they received, whether they liked a product or service, and what can be done to enhance their experience with your company. However, this company does not offer cold calling services, so it can’t assist you in building your clientele if you don’t have an existing relationship with the potential customer.

Xact Telesolutions naturally offers phone support for its clients. Customer assistance is available anytime by phone, so you can get help for any issue immediately. The company also provides live chat. The chat service is available every day, but it has limited hours, and the live chat representatives only collect your information to have someone call you. We reached out via live chat several times, and each time, none of our questions were answered, and we were instead referred to a sales representative via phone call. You can connect with support representatives by email if needed.

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  • Client Support Score
  1. This score rates the quality of service we received when calling the company's client support lines.
  2. 7  Xact Telesolutions
    88.0 %
  3. 94.0 %
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  5. 100.0 %
  6. Category Average
    88.2 %


Whether your company is a five-person catering service or a blossoming online retail store, Xact Telesolutions' call center services can help you do more outreach, check with customers to see how pleased they are with your firm, or simply handle incoming calls in a courteous and professional manner. However, if you have a low monthly call volume, you might not be eligible to work with this service. If you require some outbound services, including cold calling, you may want to look elsewhere for a call center service.

Xact Telesolutions Compare Quotes

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