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FunderHut is a crowdfunding website for individuals, small businesses, non-profits and communities. It offers both fixed campaigns, where you must raise 100 percent of your funding or you get nothing, and variable campaigns, where you keep the money you raise even if you don't reach your goal. This crowdfunding site has an added advantage of offering fundraising consulting services for an additional fee.

FunderHut prides itself on its community-oriented focus. It favors projects that benefit communities in some way, although personal projects are welcome. For example, one current project on the site is to help fund a young man's search for his birth parents. You can raise funds for just about any endeavor, as long as it is within legal bounds and does not promote hate speech or hate activities. FunderHut's online guidelines clearly define what is and isn't allowed, and the company can answer questions beforehand if you have concerns.

To fund your project, you set a goal and offer rewards, called kudos. The website keeps track of the contributors and what kudos they should receive. If you elect to have a fixed campaign, you pay 5% of your earnings to FunderHut, plus a 3% transaction fee. However, you must reach your goal or your patrons will be refunded their contributions and you get nothing. If, however, you select a variable campaign, you can keep whatever funds you raise, minus a 7.5% fee and a 3% processing fee.

FunderHut can do more than post your project and give you the means to promote it and raise funds. It also offers personal coaching to help boost your campaign's success. It charges a 12% fee for this service, but if you are new to fundraising, you may find the coaching a good investment, especially if you plan on doing future campaigns.

FunderHut is a community-oriented crowdfunding platform that allows both fixed and variable campaigns. It hosts campaigns for individuals, small businesses, non-profits and communities. Further, if you need help crowdfunding your project, you can hire FunderHut to advise you on making your campaign a success.