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Indiegogo offers personal crowdfunding to help fund projects to bring ideas to life. Campaign options include various areas, such as media and art projects, technology, health, and even environment or religious pursuits. Those raising funds include celebrities bringing film ideas to life and individuals trying to better their community.

With this crowdfunding site, you create a free campaign online, which then posts to the site for the community to review and contribute to. You can create campaigns for projects, business or personal events or vacations. Indiegogo offers two different campaign options. With fixed funding, raising funds is all or nothing, so if you do not reach your goal, there are no fees or penalties. If you reach your goal, you pay a 4% funding fee. If you choose flexible funding, you can keep the amount you raise. However, if you do not reach your goal, the funding fee is 9%. If you continue raising funds and eventually reach your goal, Indiegogo refunds 5%, making the total fee only 4%. Payment processing and other third-party fees also apply.

After people start contributing to your campaign, you can keep track of your raised funds with your online dashboard. You receive your funds about 15 days after your campaign ends, no matter if you choose fixed or flexible funding. You can choose to have your funds deposited directly into a checking account, into a PayPal account or via FirstGiving.

To repay your donators, you assign and fulfill perks if your campaign is funded. Perks may include updates on your projects, first editions or originals of your work or clothes, and other merchandise. You can choose what perks to give at what donation price. The website provides suggestions on how to price and offer perks.

If you have questions about the process, Indiegogo has an online playbook along with video tutorials to help you understand the process and have a better chance of having a successful campaign. The Indiegogo community is very active and is always ready to offer suggestions and support.

Indiegogo helps you raise funds for any number of purposes. It is well known for indie film projects, but you can raise funds for a family vacation or to improve your local community. Its fees are typical for the industry, especially if you meet your goal. You thank your donators with perks and updates so they can keep track of your project's progress. Its popularity makes it one of the best crowdfunding sites.