Patreon presents a personal crowdfunding website that encourages people to donate a steady monthly stipend to you in exchange for access to your content and any benefits you might give. This site is for artists of all kinds, from cartoonists to photographers to YouTubers.

It is, however, geared for the creation and distribution of creative content. If you are looking to fund your next vacation or pay off a debt, this is not the site for you. Patreon is for artists who produce regular content, as patrons of the arts are pledging you a monthly amount, rather than a one-time fee.

Artists build their pages on Patreon with who they are, what they create and what rewards they offer in exchange for patronage. Rewards can be as simple as "For $1 a month, you have my undying gratitude," to "For $150, I will personally call to thank you and ask for your input on my next project." Other ideas include free items like t-shirts featuring your art or discounts on your products.

When you create something, whether it's a photograph of a perfect sunset or a podcast where you review the latest online game, you post it on the site with a brief summary. You can set a limit to the number of rewards you give at each level. Patreon has limits on the type of content it allows, although it does allow artistic nudity. (Think rated-R content or the kind of art you would see in the Louvre.) You are not limited to posting your content to the Patreon crowdfunding website; if you have a YouTube channel, you can cross-post.

Art patrons find you on the Patreon website and pledge support of a certain amount each time you post a project. Thus, the more you create, the more you can earn. However, patrons can set a monthly maximum and they can comment on and share your content.

You are paid monthly if you choose automatic payments, or you can go to your account and choose to receive either the full amount or some of what's in your account. Fees for transactions depends on which credit card processing service you choose, either Stripe or PayPal. In addition, Patreon takes 5 percent of your pledges for administrative fees.

If you are an artist who generates content on a regular basis, whether it's a story blog, photos or music videos, Patreon can help you secure a steady crowdfunding income.