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Modern technology has made it easier than ever for talented musicians to produce their own music albums or videos. However, getting the funding and distribution you need can be a big hurdle. PledgeMusic is a personal crowdfunding website designed especially for musicians. It not only helps you fund your next album, but it connects you with your fans through behind-the-scenes offers you provide and encourages fans to share your work with the world.

This website supports both new artists and some well knowns like Lindsey Stirling and Bowling for Soup, and it hosts artists and bands in the areas of rock, country, electronic, jazz, pop and others. It provides the standard crowdfunding website tools: project page, summary, video and rewards section.

What most crowdfunding sites call rewards, this site describes as merchandise, which often includes MP3s, albums and written music. Often, musicians sweeten the pot with behind-the-scenes exclusives, such as access to videos about the creation of the album or exclusive first access to songs. Some musicians offer to do concerts or personal appearances. PledgeMusic has a fulfillment system to help you stay organized as you ship items to your pledgers. It can also direct you to partners that can handle the manufacturing and fulfillment of your goods if needed.

You are not required to have a finished project to sign up for personal crowdfunding. In fact, watching the project progress is part of the fun for your patrons. This crowdfunding service can pay you as your project progresses under certain circumstances.

This crowdfunding service does not limit you to specific projects. If you need equipment, for example, you can start a crowdfunding campaign for that. You still need to provide rewards, of course. However, the projects do need to be music-related or musical career oriented. You can't raise funds for next month's rent, for example, but you can raise funds for gas money for your East Coast tour. This crowdfunding website encourages its patrons to donate a portion of their pledges to a charity as well.

The share buttons let your fans spread the word about your project on social media and offer a way to increase your fanbase. Some musicians who use this crowdfunding platform say it has helped increase their visibility.

PledgeMusic is a popular crowdfunding website for independent musicians looking to raise funds for projects as well as connect with fans and increase popularity. It allows you to sell merchandise and can connect you with manufacturers if you need that service. It can pay you partially as you work on your project as well.