Pozible is an international crowdfunding website that helps individuals, startups and non-profits fund projects. It accepts pledges in multiple currencies and formats, including bitcoin, and has a graduated fee scale. This crowdfunding site, though, requires that projects reach their full funding goal or no money changes hands.

This crowdfunding platform hosts a variety of projects. Projects can be as commercial as funding the creation of a new watch or as personal as supporting a marathon to raise funds to help someone with medical expenses. However, every campaign must have a financial goal, a schedule and an outcome.

Pozible has multiple categories like art, technology, photography, technology and performance. It also has an "other" category. Once you have chosen and categorized your project, you also need to choose rewards to give your benefactors. These prizes can be tangible or intangible, but not financial. You cannot, for example, give stocks as a reward.

This crowdfunding website has an international reach, with projects in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore and more. You find languages other than English on the site, but it can pay out pledges in U.S. dollars. If your project would be of particular interest to people in Asia, Australia or the Pacific islands, Pozible may be able to help you reach that audience.

If you reach 100 percent of your fundraising goal, Pozible collects the fees and pays you. It charges a transaction fee, which varies depending on the type of payment and where the contributor lives. For example, for Chinese donations, it takes out 2.9% for transactions plus a 2% currency exchange fee. In addition, Pozible takes its own fee, which varies depending on how much you raise. The more money you raise, the lower the percentage it takes.

Pozible is a crowdfunding platform that has an international focus. While it accepts personal projects, it does expect a tangible outcome – a product or outcome of some type. Its fees are more variable than other crowdfunding websites, in part because it accepts many different kinds of currencies and transaction types, but also because it lowers its percentage the higher your financial goal is. You do need to meet your full goal in order to see any money, however.