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RocketHub offers crowdfunding with no restrictions to the reason for which you can raise funds. With this personal crowdfunding site, you keep everything you raise, so even if you do not reach your goal, you still are that much closer. RocketHub offers a unique experience as well with its partnership with the A&E network, which gives certain select campaigns opportunities to reach a larger audience.

Whether your project has to do with art, science or your community, you can create a project campaign with this crowdfunding platform. Creating a project is free and online, and once you finish, friends, family and the RocketHub community can begin donating to your cause. RocketHub offers further potential with its A&E partnership, which could lead to funding, on-air time for your campaign and placement in A&E's magazine. The network selects projects that are exception, passionate and audience specific.

Because this is not an all-or-nothing model, you receive all of the donations you raise. Fees differ depending on whether or not you meet your goal. If you reach your goal, there is a 4% commission fee and a 4% credit card processing fee. If you do not reach your goal, the commission fee is 8% but the credit card processing fee is still 4%. It is typical for a crowdfunding website to charge more if you do not reach you goal.

When you reach your goal or your project funding time expires, you'll receive your funds within five to 10 days via secure check or digital transfer. To entice and thank donors, you send out rewards as goods or services after your campaign is fulfilled. You decide the rewards and at what price point they are offered, and they may range from a hand-written thank you to original or digital copies of artwork or even on-location experiences.

If you wish to contact RocketHub with any questions about the process, you can email the support team or reach out on social media. The online blog has success stories and news about RocketHub and crowdfunding.

With RocketHub, you can create a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for a reason. If your project is unique and well thought out, A&E may offer additional funding or spotlight your campaign. With its keep-everything model, you will receive all of the donations pledged to your cause.