Millions of people work in the technology industry, and if you’re one of them, you know it’s important to stay on top of the latest advances in tech. The information technology, or IT, magazines we included in our lineup exist to inform you of news on hardware, software and the rest of the tech industry. We avoided IT magazines that are too narrow in their coverage, so you won’t find publications that only focus on web design, coding for apps or how to use your iPad.

We chose technology magazines that cater to different operating systems and technologies. All of the IT magazines we’ve listed offer digital versions, but a few still offer print versions. Learn more about these tech publications in our articles on IT magazines.

Best Tech Magazine for PC Users

If you’re a personal computer, or PC, enthusiast, you’re likely loyal to the Windows operating system. To keep up with any news related to PCs, you have a variety of PC magazines from which to choose. In addition to hardware updates, including the latest graphics cards, processors and cases, you can read about software, robotics, programming languages and more.

You can find the latest tech news on products and how-to guides in PCMag. It also includes a variety of information on gadgets, hardware, software, laptops, phones and more. It’s the consummate IT magazine for PC users. Other magazines that are worth a look include PCWorld and Windows IT Pro, a trade publication, which gives its registered users access to magazine archives and a subscription to its newsletters. Although PC Gamer is a publication all about video games for your PC, it includes a hardware section that is basically a condensed version of what used to be known as Maximum PC magazine.

PC Mag

PC Magazine, or PCMag, is an IT magazine that covers a variety of topics, and its articles are not exclusive to one particular platform. Although it's named PCMag, so one may expect it to focus on Windows-centric products and software, its editors and writers know that tech lovers often like a blend of brands and manufacturers.

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Best IT Magazine for Mac Users

Apple earns its share of users in the technology sector through its smartphones, laptops, tablets and desktops. Whether you use a Mac, iPhone or iPad, there are magazines out there to serve your need for news on the latest gadgets and updates to hardware, the operating system and apps.

You can find news and information on everything related to Apple in MacFormat. The magazine includes how-to guides on what you can do with the Mac OS, tips for the iPhone and iPad, and information on the latest from Apple. MacWorld is another big seller in publications devoted to Apple products. In addition to the latest apps for iPhone and iPad, you can learn about the iOS operating system, creative programs and more.


Technophiles who prefer Apple products and software over any other operating system or technology are devoted to Mac desktops, laptops, iPads and iPhones. MacFormat is an IT magazine for these Apple enthusiasts. You get a variety of articles, interviews, editorials, reviews and how-to guides in this monthly tech magazine.

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Best IT Magazine About Overall Tech

As a member of the technology sector, you’re likely interested in more than hardware and software – you want to know what the latest programming language will be, what the hottest gadgets are and how tech affects all areas of life. Technology affects you in a variety of ways, including the economy, housing, culture and how you live your day-to-day life. These magazines offer a full range of news, information, reviews and commentary.

Wired is one of the biggest names among computer magazines because it’s about more than just computers. It offers a plethora of information on artificial intelligence, its writers’ opinions on the best operating system, and more tech-related articles. It also gives you a view of how technology affects culture, film, music and everyday life. One of the oldest technology magazines, MIT Technology Review, offers a variety of articles and columns about the latest tech innovations, energy projects and more. This tech magazine gives you a view from the economic and business side of the sector.


WIRED may be the perfect IT magazine for people who aren't interested in learning how to build their own servers but want to stay up to date on the latest technologies. This tech magazine offers an accessible and entertaining take on technology.

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Best Tech Magazine With Print Versions

You work in the tech industry, so you know that when the internet became the king of information delivery, most publications went digital. Now it’s difficult to find all of your favorite magazines on the newsstand. In fact, all of the IT magazines we include in our lineup have digital versions, but only a handful still offer a print version.

For many consumers, it’s important to be able to hold a product in hand and nothing compares to the weight of a printed publication. Plus, many magazines still include extras in print editions. Linux User & Developer is one of the only magazines devoted to those of you who prefer to work with this lesser-known operating system. You can subscribe to it or find it at bookstores around the world. Other magazines that offer print editions include Wired, MIT Technology Review and MacFormat, which often includes inserts with free apps or other software in the print version.

Linux User & Developer

In a world where iOS, Windows and Android rule, the open-source Linux operating system is often overlooked by tech magazines. Linux User & Developer is one of the most specialized IT magazines for professionals who take Linux and other open-source software and platforms seriously. 

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You can learn a lot about technology from your favorite news provider or blogs, but your best bet for tech industry news comes from publications devoted to PCs, Macs and all things tech. There’s more to tech than the latest apps, and when you find the right magazine, you can stay informed of innovations, tech culture, startups and product reviews.