In a world where iOS, Windows and Android rule, the open-source Linux operating system is often overlooked by tech magazines. Linux User & Developer is one of the most specialized IT magazines for professionals who take Linux and other open-source software and platforms seriously. 

Linux User & Developer offers news on all of the latest technologies, whether it directly pertains to Linux or not. You can find articles about 3D printing, virtual reality, product reviews, app development, smart home items and space travel, to name a few topics. This monthly magazine also offers how-to guides and tutorials to help you master programming languages, server setup, app development and more.

You can find this trade publication at bookstores and newsstands, or you can subscribe to the monthly magazine. It's one of the few magazines that offers both a print and digital edition. Linux User & Developer is a United Kingdom product, but it can be found in the United States as well. The design of this IT magazine isn't heavy on graphics, but most readers who are interested in more information on Linux and businesses that use the open-source software are going to focus more on the written content.

You can get a look at what other Linux users are doing with the software and learn how you can make the most of the open-source platform. Linux enthusiasts are often open to new ideas, and you can find new concepts and technologies in this magazine and learn how to incorporate them into your own work. Linux User & Developer also offers lots of information on Raspberry Pi, the tiny credit-card-sized computers that were developed to help teach computer science in schools. Along with Linux, you can read articles about GNU, an operating system with free software that's similar to Unix.

Linux User & Developer is an IT magazine you can turn to for informative articles, inspiring interviews, helpful tutorials, and a look at products, software and other development from a variety of technologies. This monthly tech magazine is available in print and digital editions, and it's one of the few that caters to Linux, GNU and Raspberry Pi enthusiasts.

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