Technophiles who prefer Apple products and software over any other operating system or technology are devoted to Mac desktops, laptops, iPads and iPhones. MacFormat is an IT magazine for these Apple enthusiasts. You get a variety of articles, interviews, editorials, reviews and how-to guides in this monthly tech magazine.

The editors and writers of this U.K.-based tech publication give you the latest in tech news. The magazine keeps you informed about the innovative technologies that affect lives, including smart home development, medical science, entertainment and tech solutions.

You can choose to read MacFormat in print or digital format. The monthly magazine offers 13 issues each year, and you can choose a bundle that lets you read it in physical form and digital, or just one or the other. Although this magazine focuses on Mac products and applications, you can read the digital edition on iOS or Android platforms.

Apple is known for bringing designer-friendly apps to its operating system, so it’s not surprising that MacFormat is heavy on graphic design and photos. The IT magazine has a clean design, so it’s easy to read from cover to cover, but the designers clearly focus on details to bring a pop of color or direct the eye from point to point in its features.

MacFormat lets you in on how Apple products and software will affect your home and work life alike. The magazine gives you exclusive looks at new items from Apple and interviews with industry leaders.

In a rare move, MacFormat offers both a print and digital version of its tech magazine, but you won’t find a website devoted to Apple products from this publication. Instead, it directs you to a subscription page on a magazine website. For Apple news from MacFormat, you have to go to its social media pages or TechRadar, which is under the same digital publisher as MacFormat. So you can still find advice and news on iPhones, Apple Watches, iOS development and more, just not on a website devoted to MacFormat only.

MacFormat is one of the U.K.’s biggest and best-selling Apple-related tech magazines available. Although it doesn’t have a robust online presence, it’s an IT publication you can get digitally or in print, which is rare in this information age.

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