Macworld is an IT magazine that keeps you updated on just about anything you could want to know about the world of Macs. It has insights into all the new Apple product releases, and it's especially ideal for readers who are into the audio and visual fields, since it includes content focused specifically on those technologies.

The magazine itself is a tribute to the clean lines of an Apple product, but you get more than just Mac news. Of course you expect articles and reviews about Apple products, like the iPhone, iPad and Mac laptops, but Macworld also brings you news about the newest technologies, business and even tips on deals for gadgets.

Macworld does indeed cover all things Mac, and it offers far more than a superficial overview of Apple technologies. What's great about this IT magazine is that it doesn't ignore other operating systems such as Windows and Linux; it offers tips and tricks to get Macs and PCs to play nice together. There is also an entire section dedicated to those who work in graphic arts, architecture, audio mixing or any other career that primarily uses Macs.

Although Macworld was once the biggest magazine about Macs with the largest circulation, it stopped printing years ago. It carried on, though, online. You can get the monthly magazine in digital format for your tablet, phone or desktop – whether you're using iOS or Android, Mac or PC.

The website for Macworld is very clean. The homepage is packed with the latest stories, video and some links to how-to guides. The top of the page has categories for news, reviews, how-to guides, video and more. A search bar makes it easy for you to find articles on, say, cookies, with a quick keyword search. A search for "cookie" returns articles and reviews from as long as 14 years ago, so you can find just about any article you need. 

Macworld is a great tech magazine for all things Apple. It covers a variety of topics each month that relate to the various products as well as audio and visual aspects. You get news on technology and business, but with a focus for Mac enthusiasts.

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Macworldis a wonderful IT magazine if you are interested in anything Apple related. It covers a variety of topics each month that relate to the various products as well as audio and visual topics. While all of this is useful, because of its limited platform scope, you may want to look elsewhere if you're searching for a more broad range of technology news.

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