Although PC Gamer is a magazine made for gamers, it includes elements geared toward the IT professional and enthusiast. Maximum PC is an IT magazine that has gone through several changes since its inception in the late ‘90s, and most recently, it merged with PC Gamer as the hardware section of the publication. 

PC Gamer is chock-full of articles and features on the latest in gaming for PC users, such as first-person shooters, massively multiplayer online role-playing games, virtual reality and phone apps. What’s a PC gamer, though, without the best hardware? That’s where Maximum PC comes in. If you’re a PC gamer who is often updating your hardware to keep up with the latest games, you rely on news and reviews of the latest graphics cards, processors, sound cards and more.

You can find PC Gamer on shelves at bookstores and newsstands, or in digital format for your iOS or Android devices. It’s a monthly magazine that offers 13 issues every year. Each issue is packed with graphic elements and photo previews of several games from major developers and independent companies. The design of each page is simple, with a focus on images from the products and software being highlighted.

Although you’re unlikely to find news on varied technologies like you can in other IT magazines, you do get how-to guides, reviews, and tips on how to get the most out of available technologies to help you build your best gaming PC. Within these articles, though, you can garner advice and information to use beyond gaming.

The website for PC Gamer includes video reviews, podcasts, articles and interviews that complement the print and digital editions of the magazine. The hardware section of the website and magazine are powered by the former Maximum PC team, so you still get the technical expertise of that IT magazine’s staff.

PC Gamer is an IT magazine for gamers and game developers who want to stay on top of the latest games for personal computers. The hardware section is populated with how-to guides, reviews, news and buying guides from the former staff of Maximum PC.

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