PC Magazine, or PCMag, is an IT magazine that covers a variety of topics, and its articles are not exclusive to one particular platform. Although it's named PCMag, so one may expect it to focus on Windows-centric products and software, its editors and writers know that tech lovers often like a blend of brands and manufacturers.

PCMag is only available in a digital format, and it has been that way for years. Initially, this computer magazine focused on being a guide for those who owned personal computers. It evolved over the years with its content and presentation. Now you can read content specifically created for the website or subscribe to the monthly digital magazine, which is available for your iPad, Kindle, Nook or Zinio readers.

You can learn about myriad tech topics in PCMag. This IT magazine offers the latest news on technology and the business of technology. You can also find features about video games, industry leaders, new technologies, apps, hardware and more. As long as it has a foot in the world of technology, it's fair game for PCMag writers. You can also find how-to guides and reviews of products, software and phone apps.

The magazine has a simple design, but this simplicity keeps the focus on the content. PCMag is neatly organized, so you can easily sift through it to find an article you want to read. It also utilizes the linking options available in digital documents so that you can easily navigate the various articles with single clicks.

The online portion of PCMag contains useful information that is easy to access and read. The site groups similar articles together, which make it simple to see which articles you may be interested in reading. 

PCMag offers a wide variety of articles and a clean design, which may be a little more appropriate for a print periodical even though there is no print version. You get more than technology news in this digital IT magazine. You get a well-rounded publication packed with how-to guides, entertainment and product reviews.