With the title PCWorld, you may think this IT magazine only covers PC computers. However, it contains articles on many kinds of technologies and gives you the information you need to stay on top of the latest devices. It also offers a fun look at tech and how people have invited technology into their workplaces, homes and lives.

This tech magazine has a solid online presence with a variety of articles on business, security, hardware, software and more. Although PCWorld was once a print publication, the IT magazine went all digital years ago. An annual subscription gives you access to an interactive edition for your Android or iOS tablet, and you get a PDF version so you can read it on your tablet, phone, laptop or desktop.

Although the print edition of this IT magazine is dead, the design of the digital version isn't. You still get colorful images and some pops of graphic design and color. What PCWorld focuses on, though, is the content you'll be reading. In addition to news on business, technology and security, you get how-to guides on getting the most out of your operating system, the best apps for your Android or iPhone, and more. PCWorld also reviews video games, software and hardware. This is a tech magazine for those who want to know things like which of the latest graphics cards are worth buying straight out of the gate.

PCWorld's website is packed with articles that serve as excellent supplements to the PCWorld subscriber and the casual reader. You can also find lots of videos on the website. The site is organized by topic, so if you're just interested in laptops, you can find all of the content devoted to laptops in one area. 

PCWorld combines technical how-to guides, technology news and hardware reviews with video game and app reviews, news on the latest gadgets, and interviews with developers to create a blend of informative and entertaining. It's an IT magazine for the professional who wants to stay on top of tech news, but who also collects gadgets and toys.