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Smart Computing Review

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PROS / The content presented in Smart Computing consistently covers a variety of topics including Windows Central, Mac Corner and Personal Technology.

CONS / The digital copy of the magazine is a PDF file, which can be difficult to view on small screens.

 VERDICT / Smart Computing provides quality content on a variety of IT topics and presents it in a snazzy fashion.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Smart Computing

Smart Computing stands above the other IT magazines for one simple reason: quality. Even after looking at other magazines, this one remained fixed in our minds for what we want to see month after month, year after year. This magazine offers content for a variety of platforms, hardware and information technologies and presents it in an appealing manner. It has something for everyone, and its design is clear and uncluttered by ads.

Content Quality

If there aren't any articles you want to read, why buy a magazine in the first place? An IT magazine should cover information technology from a variety of viewpoints. Smart Computing gives you a variety of articles that cover everything from mobile technology to hardware. We were pleased to see that every issue covers topics for both Windows and Mac. The articles are written for a variety of knowledge levels and contain technological information as well as an entertainment factor.

When reading an article, it is annoying to have an ad break up the information. Sometimes magazines have so many ads that you have to flip several pages before you can find the rest of an article. As we looked through different issues of Smart Computing, we were impressed by the number of ads in relation to the number of pages. The magazine has roughly 90 pages, and only about 10 percent are full-page ads. With this IT magazine, you definitely get your money's worth in articles and not advertisements.

Design Quality

Not only do magazine publishers focus on the content they produce, but also on the presentation. Smart Computing is a magazine that has presentation down to an art. The magazine doesn't have overcrowded pages with small text and useless images. All of the images of products, processes and screenshots are clear and have labels and captions that are easy to distinguish from the rest of the text.

Since this is the digital age, we also looked into the design of the web version of the magazine. The digital version is basically a scanned image of the print version. The layout and formatting are the same. While this means that the design stays snazzy, it may be difficult to view the magazine in a digital format if the screen of your device is small.


The world is shifting from print to digital. Smart Computing is available both online and in print. The magazine is organized in a clean fashion. The headers and footers on every page make it easy to tell which section you are reading. The online version uses an application that makes browsing through the magazine easy. You can increase the magnification, jump to pages and view a list of all the articles in a dropdown content menu for easy perusal. You can also download a PDF copy of the complete magazine or individual articles if you want to keep a digital copy.

While doing our research, we looked into the magazine's website. From the website, you can access the digital copy of the magazine and individual articles. The website isn't nearly as impressive looking as the product, but it gives you all the information you need to know. It has some additional information that the magazine doesn't, but its focus is on getting the magazine and the information in it to its readers.


If you are looking for a magazine to help you stay on top of new technologies that are continually coming out, you should look into this magazine. It doesn't go in depth on every subject, but it covers all the bases and is a great choice for a general IT magazine. Smart Computing sets a high standard for quality content in a quality package.

Smart Computing