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While Windows IT Pro covers a variety of topics in its pages, it is limited to Windows-based products and doesn't offer much help with other operating systems. This is an IT magazine that covers Windows heavily and discusses some of the other options occasionally.

The content of this IT magazine is geared toward the Windows side of everything, as you can tell from the name alone. It has information on other platforms, but it isn't as consistent. This tech magazine focuses on what an industry professional needs to know to continue learning and growing in their field. You can learn about changes to cloud computing, systems management, mobile computing, app development and security in this magazine.

Articles from Windows IT Pro are informative for the IT professional, but it isn't quite a magazine anymore. This former trade publication that went digital years ago has been reduced to publishing web content and a newsletter. You can find the latest news on business, technology, reviews, troubleshooting and how-to guides. There's more to Windows IT Pro than news, though.

You can access archived issues of the IT magazine just by registering on Windows IT Pro's website. This digital publication also offers classes for IT professionals, webinars, and an annual conference that brings developers, companies and other industry leaders together.

The online digital copy of the magazine is neatly organized. There is a copy of all of the issues on the site, and within each archive copy is a list of all of the articles, complete with each one's title and a blurb explaining what the article was about. It also has a search option that makes it really easy to find the articles you are looking for.

Windows IT Pro offers great content on Windows-based products and a few good articles here and there on other platforms. If you're always looking to build upon your tech repertoire, you'll find the digital version of the archived magazine useful. The content on Windows IT Pro's website is current and informative, and any IT professional can make use of the classes and webinars this digital tech magazine offers.