WIRED may be the perfect IT magazine for people who aren't interested in learning how to build their own servers but want to stay up to date on the latest technologies. This tech magazine offers an accessible and entertaining take on technology.

WIRED covers a broad range of topics in the IT world, and while all of the articles are entertaining, they aren't as technical as those in other computer magazines. These articles are about movies, music, television, gadgets, culture and more, all with a tech-related skew. What you likely won’t find from WIRED, though, are articles on how to improve the performance of your computer or which tech products are best.

WIRED’s writers cover a variety of topics. Rather than focus on how-to guides for server setup, programming languages or other practical aspects of technology, WIRED projects the voices and innovations of the technology sector. You can find stories about emerging technologies and science, articles from industry and business leaders, and reviews of products in WIRED.

You get your choice of print or digital editions with WIRED, which is rare in publications in the information age. Physical copies of WIRED are available from bookstores and newsstands almost anywhere, or you can purchase a subscription. You can also get the digital version for your tablet, iPad or eReader.

The WIRED website is full of articles that are neatly organized, and it is easy to search for specific content. The website is something to keep track of on a daily basis, because it is constantly updated. You can also sign up for WIRED's newsletter for a quick view of tech-related issues delivered daily to your inbox. 

WIRED is a magazine for the IT professional who enjoys their profession but doesn't take work home. It's a fun look at technology, with valuable insight of where that technology is heading. WIRED can keep you up to date on what is new and hot by print, tablet, website and email, but don't expect it to explain things like how to boost the performance of your machine with step-by-step instructions.