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The Best Mac Project Management Software of 2017

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The Best Mac Project Management Software of 2017
Our Ranking Mac Project Management Software
1 Workfront
2 Clarizen
3 Genius Project
4 Project Insight
5 Celoxis
6 Easy Projects
7 Daptiv
8 Project Manager
9 eStudio
10 Eclipse PPM

Mac Project Management Software Review

What Can Mac Project Management Software Do for Me?

How to Choose the Best Mac Online Project Management Software Application

The top performers in our review are Workfront, the Gold Award winner; Clarizen, the Silver Award winner; and Genius Project, the Bronze Award winner. Here's more on choosing an application to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of these systems.

Mac project-management systems increase an organization's efficiency by streamlining processes, managing risks and increasing collaboration among your employees. They also come with advanced communication tools and project status updates, so you can stay abreast of your team's and project's progress.

With many Mac project-management applications, you do not need formal training to utilize the software's benefits and features. The top Mac project-management systems integrate with popular business tools like Outlook, Google Drive, Box and more. To learn more about Mac project management, check out these articles.

Why Choose Mac Online Project Management Software?

As more companies begin using Macs in their everyday operations, it is important to find compactible project-management systems. Luckily, many companies offer cloud-based solutions and software that can be locally installed by your IT team.

When researching the top Mac project-management software applications, we specifically looked for features that appeal to Mac users such as intuitive interfaces, iPad and iPhone compatibility, enhanced collaboration tools and functionality. We also evaluated how well these systems integrate with popular business software applications.

Mac Project Management Software: What We Evaluated, What We Found

Top Ten Reviews seeks, whenever possible, to evaluate all products and services in hands-on tests that simulate as closely as possible the experiences of a typical consumer. We obtained the software in our comparison using trial versions offered by each of the manufacturers. The companies whose products we used did not influence our testing methodologies nor did they have any influence on the scoring. Furthermore, no company was provided information prior to publication. While we post pricing information on our site, we did not score the cost. Furthermore, the prices listed on our comparison matrix are the introductory monthly cost. These estimates are informational only; pricing will vary based on your needs.

Selecting a Mac project-management system is a highly personalized endeavor. The two biggest influencers that ultimately determine the application you buy are 1) the industry your business is based in, and; 2) what you want to accomplish with the software. In our analysis of project-management software for Macs, we compared features from 10 different applications. We examined the available tools as well as the types of planning methodologies each software supported.

In addition to examining the project-management features, we evaluated the security features of each program. While each software application will protect your data and sensitive information, some programs have additional protections in place to help some companies meet certain industry-specific standards, such as HIPPA.

As part of our product testing, we asked novice users to complete certain tasks in each software application, including common tasks that administrators and team members alike perform, to determine their ease of use. While each application requires additional training to reap its full benefits, you and your staff should be able to begin using the software and complete basic tasks without assistance or extensive training.

Workfront and Genius Project each earned high marks in our Ease of Use tests. These platforms were user intuitive, and our reviewers had little trouble creating new projects, assigning tasks and scheduling resources – all important basic functions of project management. In our test group of novice users, Clarizen received the highest scores. Our test subjects, who had no previous project-management experience, were tasked with going into each software application and changing task statuses, adding documents and communicating with team members. Clarizen and Project Insight each earned the highest Ease of Use scores for their uncluttered and intuitive mobile platforms.

How to Compare the Best Mac Project Management Systems

Remember, when selecting a web-based Mac project management software application, the best choice for you depends on your specific needs and team dynamics. Other important considerations include expected monetary gain, price of the software and the level of customer support provided by the software manufacturer.

The most important reason to implement a Mac project management tool is to save your company valuable time and money by streamlining your organization's internal processes and thereby increasing efficiency. Read our comparison and ratings matrix to compare the various applications and then read the individual product reviews. Some systems will be better for you than others. For example, Projectmanager.com is a good choice for design and creative teams, because it has integrated markup and online proofing tools.

The best way to determine if a software completely meets your Mac project-management needs is to create a list of expectations and desired outcomes. When you speak with product specialists, ask them how their systems can help you meet your specific goals. Many companies will create a product demonstration to specifically address these needs.

Our Verdict & Recommendations

When selecting which Mac project-management software is best for you, our top recommendation is to be patient and thoroughly research products. Doing your homework will pay dividends – both for you and your organization.

In our tests, Workfront, Clarizen and Genius Project outshone the competition due to their ease of use and the features each provides. However, other systems stood out in our testing. If you need advanced integrations, Daptiv is a good choice.

Our product comparisons should help you narrow your field of choices to two or three possible solutions. After creating your shortlist, contact each company with your list of needs and questions to further determine the best Mac project management system for your company. Representatives should be able to answer all of your detailed questions to help you identify which features work best for your team members. Finally, look for companies that provide attentive service and best meet your company's needs and goals.