Pros / Celoxis is available in multiple languages, making it suitable for global teams.

Cons / This Mac project management software does not offer much support for creating integrations.

 Verdict / Celoxis is best for enterprise-level companies who manage many projects at one time.

Celoxis, a simple Mac project management software, has many useful features for getting the most out of each project your team works on. Its standout feature is the framework for building custom apps and a full APIS guide. However, if you do not wish to create custom apps for your Mac project management software, you have to option to add pre-defined apps to your project management system.

Furthermore, Celoxis is compatible with all popular desktop and mobile browsers and includes support in six different languages, including simplified Chinese.

This simple project management software for Mac is simple to navigate and has a streamlined dashboard. In our tests, reviewers found basic functions, such as creating projects and tasks and adding resources without training, relatively easy.

Celoxis gives you the option to customize the dashboard, which makes it even easier to use since it can be tailored to your team's specific needs. One aspect that helped Celoxis stand out in our tests was the mobile version. Often times, operating a project management system from your mobile device can be a cumbersome process; however, Celoxis' mobile version was just as simple to use as the desktop version.

Celoxis lets you manage multiple projects at one time and is capable of handling the issues for each project. Celoxis analyzes risks and requests of each project; based on this information, it helps you rank and prioritize your projects that best align with your team's goals.

This software has a unique setting that prioritizes projects based on resource supply, which streamlines your planning processes. While this Mac project management software enables automatic planning, it also comes with an approval app, so you can approval each project before it is activated.

Celoxis helps you plan your projects with complex resource management tools, templates, Gantt charts and custom options. The interactive Gantt chart can be customized to show issues and charge requests within the project. This Mac project management software includes a resource load chart, which provides a visual representation of your resource's availability.

Once you begin your project, Celoxis tracks your expenses, manages approvals, projects costs and monitors task completion and progress. You have the option to run customized reports throughout the project on any area. This allows you to highlight areas of interest and pinpoint potential weaknesses.

Like many Mac project management tools, Celoxis has advanced collaboration features, which allows team members, stakeholders and clients to stay up-to-date with project progress. These tools include shareable calendars and Google sharing.

When your project is complete, advanced reporting features check each area of the project to ensure it was completed correctly. You can create customized reports or use one of the available templates. You can run reports on a specific area or item or a more comprehensive report of the project. These reports can be shared through email or a CSV Excel download.

Celoxis employs secure servers and comes with strong in-software security. If you have sensitive data or work in an industry that regulates data security, Celoxis is a good choice. Celoxis servers are SSAE 16- and ISO 27001 compliant.

Physically, the servers are protected with limited access, back generators and extra batteries in the instance of a power outage. Furthermore, data is stored georedundantly, so in the off chance that a server is destroyed, your data is safely stored somewhere else.

While most Mac project management systems offer in-person training, Celoxis mainly offers remote training. This is a drawback in customer service; however, the remote training Celoxis offers is extensive. You can reach customer support 24 hours a day, five days per week. Accounts come with 2GB of data storage per month and integrate easily with Google Drive and Sharepoint. Custom integrations are available if you don't use either of these platforms, but there is no support available for creating these integrations.


Since Celoxis is available in multiple languages, it is best for global teams. It offers secure servers for your data if you deal with sensitive data. Additionally, it has solid reporting tools for each stage of your project. Overall, it is simple to use both the desktop and mobile versions.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Project Planning

Overall Score
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Dynamic Applications
Supports Agile & Sprints
Multiple Project Dependencies

Integration & Professional Services

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Long-term Implementation Services
Multi-Language Support
Integration Services

Ease of Use

Project Management Tools
Team Member Features
Mobile & Tablet App

Execution & Monitoring

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150+ Integrations
Health Indicators
Markup Tools & Online Proofing

Delivery & Closure

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Work Intelligence
Final Project Reports
Team Performance Reports

Pricing Structure

Introductory Monthly Pricing
Discount Contracts Negotiable
Role-Based Licenses
Flat License Rate

Security & Compliance

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On-Premise Deployment Available
Quality Management ISO 9001
Information Management ISO 27001

Project Initiation & Prioritization

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Customizable Risk Analysis
Risk Analysis
Project Scoring

Key Distinctions

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Flexibility & Scalability
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Enterprise-Level Planning