Pros / Easy Projects offers unlimited storage.

Cons / This Mac project management software does not have many tools for prioritizing projects.

 Verdict / Easy Project is a good choice if you are looking for a lower-priced Mac project management system. While it has many of the features we were looking for, it lacks advanced tools in ranking and prioritization.

Easy Projects is a simple Mac project management system. This easy-to-use software is mainly used by marketing teams and educational organizations, and it is available in numerous languages. This software is best for new project managers because it is easy to learn and does not use much industry jargon.

This Mac project management application is one of most affordable on the lineup. Like most Mac project management systems, discounts are often deeper if you sign up for a long-term contract. Unlimited guest users and unlimited custom fields both come with the enterprise version of this software. This software also offers unlimited storage.

Basic tasks, such as creating a project, assigning tasks and scheduling resources, are easy to complete. Our testers, who had no prior training using Mac project management software, quickly completed tasks and had little difficulty navigating the user dashboard. One standout feature of this Mac project management software is the fact that it uses regular language throughout the software, which makes it easy for novice project managers.

One area where Easy Project is not as advanced as other software on our lineup is project ranking and prioritization. One thing missing from its wheelhouse is risk-analysis reports, which help you analyze your project and find weaknesses before you start.

Easy Project has decent tools for planning your project. Though this Mac project management software does not offer many pre-built templates, but you can build your own templates, save them and use them as templates in the future. While this Mac project management application is basic for new users, it supports more advanced industry-standards methodologies, including Agile and Waterfall.

Once you begin a project, communication is essential for team members. Team members stay in touch throughout a project using email or messages posted in Easy Project. This Mac project management software also monitors time spent on each project. This keeps managers in the loop and aware of which tasks are taking up the most time.

When you complete your project, Easy Project's reports help you successfully analyze your project, pass it on to clients and archive the project. At this stage, you can use one of Easy Project's pre-made reports or create your own. Report display options include bar chart, pie chart, metric form or tables; furthermore, you can export your reports as PDF or CSV documents.

Easy Project gives you the option of storing your project on its servers or hosting it yourself. Built-in security options include password management, encrypted HTTPS traffic and lockout priorities. While Easy Project is an easy-to-use Mac software, it offers more permission options than most software on the lineup. Managers can create permissions for each user and control who sees what information.

Easy Projects works well with Microsoft Projects, Outlook and Excel, or you can create your own custom integrations using RESTful API. Representatives from Easy Project can help initiate your Mac project management system and provide training materials. When we spoke with customer representatives, we were told it is their goal to build lasting relationships with clients, not just one-and-done customers.


This system is best for managers with little to no training using Mac project management systems. This online Mac project management software has tools to help you manage your projects and best plan your resources. Though it lacks risk-analysis features, it has the majority of the tools you need to effectively plan your projects.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Project Planning

Overall Score
Standout Features
Risk Register
Supports Agile & Sprints
Multiple Project Dependencies

Integration & Professional Services

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Long-term Implementation Services
Multi-Language Support
Integration Services

Ease of Use

Project Management Tools
Team Member Features
Mobile & Tablet App

Execution & Monitoring

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Standout Features
Bug & Issue Tracking
Health Indicators
Markup Tools & Online Proofing

Delivery & Closure

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Standout Features
Drill Down Reporting
Final Project Reports
Team Performance Reports

Pricing Structure

Introductory Monthly Pricing
Discount Contracts Negotiable
Role-Based Licenses
Flat License Rate

Security & Compliance

Overall Score
On-Premise Deployment Available
Quality Management ISO 9001
Information Management ISO 27001

Project Initiation & Prioritization

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Standout Features
Advanced Scheduling
Risk Analysis
Project Scoring
Custom Fields

Key Distinctions

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Democratizing Processes & Accidental Project Manager Support
Type of System
Straight forward Nomenclature