Pros / This Mac project management software offers unique project-prioritizing tools.

Cons / Eclipse PPM lacks some security features to protect high-security data.

 Verdict / If you regularly manage multiple projects at one time, Eclipse PPM is one of the better solutions for achieving strategic alignment of goals across many projects.

Eclipse PPM, by Upland Software, provides Mac project management software for organizations and professionals. This software typically supports between five and 50 users in your organization; however, if you require more users, a company representative will work with you and add as many licenses as you need.

Overall, testers found this software relatively simple to use, both on desktop and mobile versions of the application. One drawback of this Mac project management software is having to download Silverlight before you can use it.

Eclipse is best if you have multiple projects to manage at one time due to its project-prioritizing features. It has advanced project portfolio management, including multi-project overviews and actual vs. total budget comparisons. It provides many chart, report and dashboard options, so almost every piece of the software can be tailored to your company's needs.

This Mac project management tool does not support as many methodologies as other software on our lineup. While it does support the Waterfall method, it does not support Agile. Keep this in mind when selecting software and planning your projects.

Interactive Gantt charts, project templates and planning tools are available to help you plan your project, resource availability and tasks before beginning. Once you launch your project, you can monitor status updates with request tracking, document management and time-sheet tracking. You can also keep everyone involved up-to-date with the built-in communication tools.

At the end of your project, Eclipse PPM can run reports and highlight areas that need to be addressed. It also exports reports, which can be shared with external stakeholders and clients.

Eclipse PPM is not as strong in security as other products on our lineup. However, if you do not have to meet industry standard regulations, like HIPAA for example, it is still a good choice for you. Data is stored in monitored servers, which are PCI-compliant. You can also control access to files within the projects.

This Mac project management system is simple to use but still provides extensive training if needed. Eclipse provides worksheets and other tools to help you set goals and organize your projects. After your initial setup, representatives will still work with throughout the lifecycle of your first projects.


Overall, Eclipse PPM is a good choice if you manage multiple projects at one time; however, it is not as secure as other software on our lineup. While your data is still protected, it may not match industry standards for extremely sensitive data, like health and government records.