Pros / This Mac project management software supports unlimited users.

Cons / eStudio provides limited integrations.

 Verdict / eStuido allows unlimited users within your organization. This makes it a good option for businesses with numerous contributors. However, if your company handles a lot of data, it may quickly outgrow this Mac project management software.

eStudio, created by Same-Page, is best for small and medium businesses. This software is available in five versions, ranging from as few as five users to an unlimited number. This simple project management software for Mac does not limit features in each version and provides free training to customers. Like most Mac project management systems, discounts are available for longer contracts.

The latest version of this software is streamlined and easier to use than previous versions we've tested. Our reviewers found basic tasks were simple to complete; though, it is missing a search tool, which would make finding specific features more simple. However, when asked to perform routine tasks, many could effectively complete each task with little to no training.

One drawback of this Mac project management tool was the mobile version, which testers found cumbersome and cluttered.

This online Mac project management tool can manage many projects at one time and includes tools for prioritizing each project. When developing your project, you can communicate with clients and stakeholders to keep everyone up-to-date with project progress or issues.

eStudio offers all of the tools for traditional project management and for communication between team members. It is simple to create projects from scratch or to clone them. With this Mac project management application, it is easy to manage availability and schedule resources to projects with the top priority. This helps you design projects to fit your company goals.

This Mac project management software tracks requests, issues, risks, change requests and budgets. It sends change reports to involved team members so that everyone can track progress. eStudio has great interaction tools for team members, externals and clients. Team members can share calendars, bookmarks, discussions and workspaces as well as interact via live chat.

When you finish a project, eStudio gathers information based on scenarios that you create. It then delivers end-of-project reports based on this information. You have multiple reporting options, including team performance reports, open task reports and financial reports.

Data is stored in monitored, climate-controlled servers and georedundantly backed up. Furthermore, you can control who has access to information within the project by setting user permissions.

This Mac project management software integrates well with Microsoft Office products but doesn't offer a high number of total integrations. When you are just getting started with you Mac project management software, the company provides free training to both administrators and team members.


Overall, eStudio is a solid Mac project management software. It supports unlimited users and provides free training. Furthermore, you can manage your own security needs by setting user permissions within the software.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Project Planning

Overall Score
Standout Features
Custom Forms
Supports Agile & Sprints
Multiple Project Dependencies

Integration & Professional Services

Overall Score
Long-term Implementation Services
Multi-Language Support
Integration Services

Ease of Use

Project Management Tools
Team Member Features
Mobile & Tablet App

Execution & Monitoring

Overall Score
Standout Features
Wiki Support
Health Indicators
Markup Tools & Online Proofing

Delivery & Closure

Overall Score
Standout Features
Supports Surveys
Final Project Reports
Team Performance Reports

Pricing Structure

Introductory Monthly Pricing
Discount Contracts Negotiable
Role-Based Licenses
Flat License Rate

Security & Compliance

Overall Score
On-Premise Deployment Available
Quality Management ISO 9001
Information Management ISO 27001

Project Initiation & Prioritization

Overall Score
Standout Features
Tracks Multiple Budgets
Risk Analysis
Project Scoring

Key Distinctions

Standout Features
Unlimited Users & Free Training
Type of System
Compliance-Level Security