Pros / This Mac project management system is good at rating and prioritizing projects.

Cons / Project Insight lacks 24-hour telephone support.

 Verdict / This powerful Mac project management software is easy to use, while still providing the majority of the features you need. It can help you improve your workflow and project management skills.

This Mac project management system is fully customizable, provides free training and complete tools for prioritizing your projects. This mid-market solution is best for professional services, IT or software industries.

This Mac online project management software offers two different licensing options: power users and team members. You can get a discount if you pay in advance for a long-term contract. A representative from Project Insight helps you select the type and number of licenses that work best for your business.

The layout of this top Mac project management software made the product easy to use. In our hands-on tests, reviewers were able to easily create and complete tasks with little training. The dashboard is color-coded and mostly customizable; most tasks can be completed with just one click.

Project Insight helps you rank and score projects based on project goals, performance indicators – which you can customize – and critical success factors. Once you have ranked your projects, you can view them in portfolio, project or resource reports. This data allows you to make informed decisions about your projects and their progress. Few Mac project management systems provide the level of detail Project Insight offers, including risk-analysis reports and profit forecasting.

Once you have accurately prioritized your projects, you can plan important tasks and schedule your workflows. This Mac project management tool supports traditional project management methodologies such as Waterfall, Critical Path and Agile. You also have the option to create a custom workflow template.

Team collaboration tools, as well as client and stakeholder collaboration tools, keep managers and team members in the loop and up-to-date with project progress throughout the lifecycle of the project. This close level of communication allows members to quickly spot risks to the project and deal with any issues that arise.

During your project, this online project management software provides detailed reports on time worked on the project and project expenses, and it can run ad-hoc reports at any time. All of this information can be gathered and viewed both from the desktop and mobile versions of the software.

When your project is complete, it is important to ensure all the tasks have been completed efficiently before you pass it on to the client or final party. This Mac online project management software provides a list of reporting options for tracking, archiving and analyzing a project. Analysis is an important part of project finalization because it helps ensure you can improve future projects by learning from mistakes.

Data security is a top priority no matter what industry you work in. Project Insight allows you to create role-based permission profiles and limit individual's access to certain files. SSL encryption protects each document when you transfer data. This Mac project management software gives you the option of hosting it on premise.

When you sign up with Project Insight, this Mac project management tool will train everyone, not just those who have licenses. Furthermore, the company website was training videos, webinars and a complete user manual. This service does not provide 24/7 phone support.

To make the project management software easier to use, it is compatible with many popular integrations, including Microsoft Office applications. It can even synchronize your project calendars with your Outlook calendar, so you can view all your important information in one place.


Project Insight is an extensive yet user-intuitive Mac project management system. This Mac project management tool is best for those who need additional help ranking and prioritizing their projects since it has advanced risk-analysis and reporting features.