Pros / This Mac project management program has all the important features needed for protecting your information.

Cons / Using the project analysis features was more complicated than using other Mac project management tools.

 Verdict / offers extensive training for new users to help you quickly learn the program and launch your projects. It even has a blog, which regularly posts updates, tips and tricks. is a simple Mac online project management system that completes basic tasks easily. The company, founded in 2008, provides extensive training to new customers and regularly updates the company blog with tips and tricks.

This system is available by license. Like most Mac project management tools, the overall cost is negotiable; more licenses purchased for longer contracts results in lower rates. All accounts include no-cost file storage, client logins and unlimited projects.

In our tests, we evaluated administrator features and team member tools. Overall, this simple Mac project management tool was easy to use. The administrator dashboard is customizable, as are reports. In our timed tests, our reviewers easily completed basic team member tasks. Testers especially liked the ability to create tasks without assigning them to specific projects. They liked the uncluttered mobile version and reporting screen.

Starting a project from scratch is easy, or you can import archived and existing projects. This online Mac project management system allows you to assign priority to certain projects and assign resources accordingly. Furthermore, the project prioritization tools with this Mac software are easier to use than other products we tested.

It is easy to plan and schedule your projects with As mentioned, it is easy to clone projects, import tasks and use the filing system to keep your projects clearly organized and easy to manage.

During your project, you can manage the status of tasks and Gantt charts from the administrator dashboard. One unique tool of this Mac project management software is the comparison between your actual progress and planned progress for each project. This tool helps you pinpoint weaknesses and get your project back on track.

At the end of your project, has the tools to evaluate your project, find unfinished or open tasks, and produce closing reports. These reports can be downloaded as CSV files or directly shared with team members and clients.

This is one of the few Mac project management systems on our lineup that provides all of the security features we were looking for, including secured data centers, encryption during transfer and managed hosting at a monitored facility. Furthermore, data is backed up multiple times daily.

Within the software, you can easily control access to your information. For example, if accountants are the only ones who you want to see the financial data, you can prevent this information from being downloaded or shared and prevent anyone else from accessing the files. provides extensive free training for new and existing clients. This includes online training and onsite training sessions. When you have question, a representative is available to help. Products this simple project management software for Mac integrates with include QuickBooks, Xero and Zoho. You also have the option to create custom integrations to meet your business needs.


Overall, has the tools you need to effectively implement and manage projects. It is best for government or civic organizations that need an extra level of security with their data. The software is also relatively easy to use, making it easy to roll out to teams with limited project management software experience.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Security & Compliance

Overall Score
On-Premise Deployment Available
Quality Management ISO 9001
Information Management ISO 27001

Execution & Monitoring

Overall Score
Standout Features
Actual vs Planned Views
Health Indicators
Markup Tools & Online Proofing

Pricing Structure

Introductory Monthly Pricing
Discount Contracts Negotiable
Role-Based Licenses
Flat License Rate

Project Initiation & Prioritization

Overall Score
Standout Features
Multiple Dashboards
Risk Analysis
Project Scoring

Project Planning

Overall Score
Standout Features
Work Load Planning
Supports Agile & Sprints
Multiple Project Dependencies

Key Distinctions

Standout Features
Adaptability & Process Support
Type of System
Adaptive Portfolio Management

Ease of Use

Project Management Tools
Team Member Features
Mobile & Tablet App

Delivery & Closure

Overall Score
Standout Features
Report Sharing
Final Project Reports
Team Performance Reports

Integration & Professional Services

Overall Score
Long-term Implementation Services
Multi-Language Support
Integration Services