Pros / Workfront is an easy-to-use system with full functionality and supportive staff when you have questions.

Cons / Workfront doesn't provide special security for your documents.

 Verdict / Many Mac project management systems offer full feature sets, but few are as user-friendly as Workfront and even fewer provide the extensive training and support network this online project management system offers.

TopTenREVIEWS - Gold Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set
TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

With Workfront, formerly AtTask, online Mac project management system, you can streamline your daily processes and increase your ROI and team synchronicity. This software provides service and support in the United States and abroad with offices in the U.K., China and Japan.

This online Mac project management is one of the easiest to use and utilizes sideways communication, meaning it allows team members to communicate on a peer-to-peer level. Furthermore, this software supports online digital media proofing, a service that many project management software lack.

Workfront is available through a yearly license; like most software companies, you receive a discount if you sign up for more than one year of service at a time. For full pricing information to suit your team, you need to request a quote. Because of this online Mac project ease of use and exceptional support team, Workfront earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Ease of Use

Workfront received the highest scores for ease-of-use in our hands-on administrative and team member testing. Creating projects and adding resources, tasks, budget information and other project manager tasks was simple and intuitive with this Mac project management software.

In addition to easily accomplishing tasks, you can automate many of your processes. Processes that you can automate include approvals and creating workflows. Overall, customers of Workfront report increased productivity and better ability to take on more challenging projects at one time.

For our hands-on tests, team members with little or no experience with the product had to create a task, add a comment and upload a file. They were able to complete this task more quickly with Workfront Mac online project management than with any other software. The ability to quickly complete tasks with little training saves your company time and gives your employees the freedom to devote themselves to other endeavors.

The only drawback our testers found with this software was the black background the tablet interface uses when reporting. Testers reported that a white background was easier on their eyes and easier to read.

Project Initiation & Prioritization

 Workfront can manage multiple projects at one time. Furthermore, it can manage resources and files across multiple projects, which makes file sharing easier. One thing that sets basic systems apart from more advanced Mac project management systems is the ability to prioritize projects.

 Workfront allows you to prioritize your projects and project requests with customizable scoring metrics, which helps managers pick the highest priority projects. Information, including projected ROI, is automatically organized. With Workfront, you can set your business priorities and set your goals based on the information most important to you and your company.

Project Planning

When you create projects with this Mac online project management software, you can create them from scratch, use a pre-built template or clone a project you have already created. In addition, to flexible creation options, Workfront gives you tools to plan out each step of your project on the way to completion.

For example, Workfront supports Waterfall and Agile projects as well as processes that can be customized to your company's needs. Furthermore, the highly interactive Gantt charts help you take a holistic view of your projects, assign tasks, allocate resources and schedule due dates and timelines.

Workfront allows you to manage project resources and plan project capacity with simple, intuitive tools. You can search for available resources by availability, skill or other project-related details. You can also drag-and-drop information between assignments.

Execution & Monitoring

Workfront has tools that help streamline your communication processes and team collaboration. This is one of the few Mac project management programs that offers online proofing for marketing teams. You can automate many functions, such as approvals, workflows and digital proofing. This saves you time while providing valuable information about your team's status.

Furthermore, ad-hoc reports are configurable to show areas of concern, helping keep you on track and aware of any potential issues. These automated functions allow you to focus on more important things.

Delivery & Closure

When your project is complete, you have a long list of reports at your fingertips, which helps you analyze how successful a project has been. These lists help pinpoint areas where the project slowed down or where certain tasks were missed. These reports also help ensure your finished project is up to par and fully complete before being sent to your client. Additionally, the information from these reports helps you pinpoint areas of weakness so that future projects can be planned and executed more efficiently.

Workfront has template reports and gives you the ability to create customized report, so your reporting capabilities are virtually limitless with this top Mac project management software.

Security & Compliance

Workfront protects your data and keeps you fully compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, FISMA and SOX regulation. This means even the most sensitive information is safe. Furthermore, all data transfers are protected with 256-bit encryption. Your IT team also has the option of hosting and managing the software within your own network, a feature not all Mac online project management software offer.

Within the system, Workfront allows you to fully control who has access to documents and sharing permissions. For example, you can block a certain group from seeing financial information and prevent this information from being shared by anybody who doesn't have viewing privileges.

Integration & Professional Services

Workfront integrates, at least partially, with many document management systems, collaboration tools and email programs. For example, the Microsoft Outlook integration enables users to complete tasks and submit requests; all of these transactions are tracked within Workfront so you do not lose data.

This Mac project management software integrates with the most popular cloud-sharing programs, including Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and SharePoint.

While Workfront is the most user-friendly Mac project manager software we tested, the company still devotes numerous resources to ensure successful setup and implementation. In our research, we discovered that the critical phase of setup is during the discovery and design phases. Representatives of Workfront help you set up workflows, goals and vital project functions.

Throughout your project's lifecycle, the Workfront team helps you tweak your system and train team members. You have a single point of contact when you sign up with Workfront, meaning that for the duration of the time you do business with the company, you will be working with some who knows you and your business needs.


Workforce provides full functionality and a deep feature set while maintaining ease of use. This company also provides extensive support to help you and your team get the most out of your top Mac project management software. This Mac project management tool is a top choice for your business and team needs.