Let's Find The Right Medical Management Software For You

AdvancedMD goes beyond medical billing with its medical practice management software that includes powerful scheduling features, an excellent claim scrubber and helpful integrations. If you're willing to pay to have custom reports built, this is an all-inclusive system that integrates with other software, such as medical record software (EHR/EMR), easily.

This cloud-based software scales well for any size office and any number of physicians. The front-office tools let your staff easily collect patient information, payments and check on insurance eligibility. You can even automate some tasks, such as checking eligibility.

Making an appointment is easy with this medical PM software. In fact, patients can use the patient portal to request an appointment, which is simply approved by staff members. You can color-code appointments to make it easy for physicians in your clinic or office staff to know which patients are theirs. Plus, the system sends out reminders to patients, which helps reduce missed appointments and late arrivals. If a patient needs to cancel, it's as simple as responding by email or text. The tablet app makes it especially easy to have patients fill out forms and submit everything electronically to help make your office paperless.

Speaking of paperless, AdvancedMD offers ePrescribing as an added benefit to its software. This means you can toss those old prescription pads, and with a few swipes and clicks, physicians can prescribe meds. From there, front-office staff can send it to the patient's preferred pharmacy, and it's ready for pickup. You also get paperless faxing, which saves office staff time when other clinics, hospitals or other offices request documents. You can also scan paper insurance cards, identification and any other needed files and save them in the system for future use.

The billing tools included make it easy for you to handle it yourself, or you can outsource billing to AdvancedMD. This software connects to 1,800 clearinghouses, and you can automate part of the billing to free up office staff for other tasks. The claims scrubber cross-checks patient and policy information, rules you set, and more to ensure accurate claim submittals. This results in an approximate 95% average first-pass resolution rate. The difference between this software and others is that AdvancedMD guarantees that rate of first submission approval.

As with any medical PM software, AdvancedMD offers standard and custom reports to track scheduling and financial trends, which gives you a look at your office's efficiency. If you need other reports, you need to request their creation, and this usually comes at an added cost.

AdvancedMD was ready with all the changes that were implemented with ICD-10 by the October deadline. The company offered members access to a full support website for using ICD-10, which includes many written resources as well as webinars.

If you opt for the cloud-based software suite from AdvancedMD, you get an integrated EHR, but you have the option to use the version to which you already subscribe. As with almost any cloud-based software, you can access AdvancedMD on a computer with an internet connection or an iPad. AdvancedMD's hosting service is HIPAA compliant, so your office can effectively meet national guidelines for privacy and security.

AdvancedMD is a good solution for any size medical office, and especially good for those with multiple physicians thanks to helpful appointment and calendar features, software integrations and automated tasks.