Let's Find The Right Medical Management Software For You

Most medical practice management (PM) software is generic in how it operates and looks so it is compatible with almost any clinic or medical office. Allscripts is one of those medical PM software solutions that can be used as is. It will work well for any practice, or you can customize the templates and screen preferences.

Each person who uses Allscripts can adjust the software to fit their own workflow and daily schedule, and it won't affect other users' preferences. You can also customize note forms to include a variety of text fields for patients to fill out for demographic information, or note templates for physicians or other medical staff during visits. Allscripts isn't the easiest medical PM software to use or adapt, but once you have it set up to suit your processes and preferences, your staff is likely to use the tools naturally.

This web-based medical PM program includes a patient portal, which lets patients fill out preappointment demographic forms so they don't have to at the office. Patients can also request appointments through the portal, so your front-office staff spends less time on the phone. Patients can also make payments online and view their balance statements.

Your front-office staff can run insurance eligibility checks before an appointment or when patients check in. The flexible medical scheduling software lets your front-office staff keep your practice's schedule up to date by allowing them to schedule, in real time, cancellations or walk-in appointments.

You and your staff can view a patient's entire account history through Allscripts PM's many reporting features. With the reporting tools, you can view a patient's payment history and any notes so your practice receives the reimbursement it deserves. Plus, notes are easily organized in various ways, such as chronologically, which is especially helpful for home health services.

The Allscripts system integrates directly with a clearinghouse through Allscripts Payerpath. This means that you can submit claims directly through the software. A dedicated company clearinghouse also means that the software includes powerful claim scrubbers that can detect errors efficiently and accurately so you have fewer denied claims. The scrubbing feature is effective, as Allscripts shows a 98% first-pass resolution rate.

Allscripts is HIPAA compliant, as is required for all medical software. This medical practice solution also integrates with some third-party web applications, such as Microsoft calendar, so you can merge some other methods you already use to stay organized.

Allscripts' medical PM software focuses on medical billing and scheduling for small to medium medical offices. You can customize the dashboard and templates to make this program more adaptable for the way you work.

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