Let's Find The Right Medical Management Software For You

Of all the medical practice management software available, drchrono's is, hands down, the easiest to use as soon as you log in. Not only are the calendars, appointment reminders, and other scheduling tools simple and familiar to any computer user, the billing and claims tracking tools are straightforward.

Checking in patients is also easy with drchrono's system, if you have an iPad. Patients can do some of the work for you. While they're waiting for their turn with the doc, have them update their contact information, fill out important paperwork, such as consent forms, and even answer some demographic information.

Another benefit to using drchrono is that it's a complete medical software suite. The least-expensive plan is medical practice management and medical record software (EHR or EMR) rolled into one. You can bundle other software together, such as revenue cycle management services, at an added cost.

As with any medical PM software, drchrono's appointments are quick and easy to enter, and you can set up appointment reminders for the patient by text, email or phone. The patient portal is also helpful and convenient. It gives patients direct access to doctors through the messaging feature, and they can see their health records. They can also schedule their own appointments through the portal.

If the form templates that are included in the EHR aren't quite what you want, you have the option of hiring the drchrono team to create exactly what you need.

As with so many things now, most medical practice tasks are digitized. You can prescribe medications and send them to a patient's preferred pharmacy instantly through drchrono's software. Plus, lab results can be ordered directly through the system.

This medical PM software with integrated EHR is scalable, so it works for any size practice and with any number of physicians. If you select drchrono, you can send the company your data to have them import it free of charge. Drchrono's ICD-10 transition was ready by the deadline. Last, there are numerous ways you can access help materials and reach customer support.

Medical PM software, like drchrono, is a benefit to the entire practice, including front-office staff, physicians and managers, because the program is so simple to use. The medical PM software comes with integrated EHR, which means you don't have to find a third-party service.