Let's Find The Right Medical Management Software For You

Kareo offers a one-stop solution for medical offices in need of medical billing software, medical record software (EHR/EMR) and even marketing options. In addition to the standard medical-billing features to help your staff with scheduling and patient service, Kareo helps you go totally paperless. An important added feature to many medical practice management programs with EHR or EMR is ePrescribing. This feature lets the physician quickly prescribe medications to a patient by simply pressing a button in the software and filling out the necessary fields.

One of the best aspects of Kareo's ePrescribing feature is that as the physician types the drug, the autofiller suggests a drug, and then you simply choose the one that fits. Instructions for use are also simplified. You can type in your own instructions, or you can click through a series of common doses, units, method, frequency, duration and when to take it (with meals, at bedtime, etc.).

In addition to ePrescribing, this medical PM software offers numerous other ways to go paperless with its software. There's paperless faxing, you can scan and save documents in the cloud-based system and, naturally, appointments are handled digitally.

One invaluable benefit to using Kareo for your medical office needs is that you can customize your own dashboard, so you can put your most-used features front and center. You can set custom options to appear whenever you schedule a new appointment, such as color-coding and labeling different appointment or procedure types, so you can keep your schedule organized and easy to both view and search.

It's common for today's medical PM software to include appointment reminders, and Kareo is no different. Not only do the automatic appointment reminders free the front-office staff up to focus on patients, billing and other tasks, it helps patients keep their appointments. Reminders can be sent by email (it's the default) or by phone call, which is a recorded message.

Collections through Kareo are handled on several fronts. Not only do you have to file insurance claims, which is easy and often highly successful on the first pass (around 98%), this practice management software lets you check insurance eligibility either before patients come in for appointments or while they are checking in. Plus, you can accept credit and debit cards with Kareo's built-in payment processor, for a nominal fee. Or patients can use the patient portal to pay their bills without having to come to the office.

For the charting, ePrescribing and lab features, you'll have to include the EHR module or integrate a third-party EHR with those same features. There's also a messaging system in the medical PM and EHR modules that make it easy to communicate with anyone in the system.

Of course, Kareo is ICD-10 and HIPAA-compliant; further, patients' data is secure on this cloud-based system. Plus, because it's cloud-based, you can use it on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, as long as you have an updated browser and internet connection.

Kareo's practice management solution is complete with its medical-billing features that let you prepare and submit claims with one of the highest first-pass resolution rates. You can add on other modules, such as medical records software from Kareo, or a third-party EHR, but those are limited.