Let's Find The Right Medical Management Software For You

Medical practices rely on software to help them with codes, scheduling, and above all, claims submittal. What good is submitting a claim, though, if it's full of errors? That's where claim scrubbers come into play. NueMD, a medical practice management (PM) program, claims a 99% first-pass resolution rate, on average. That's a huge percentage compared to other top-rated medical PM software that only guarantees a resolution rate of 94% or 95%.

Before you submit a claim, you run it through NueMD's scrubber, which catches simple but common errors that lead to denied or delayed claims. This leads to faster reimbursement and less stress for office staff. For added convenience, there is an option to submit all the claims at the end of the day, or individually, as you complete them.

NueMD is cloud-based, and it offers the scheduling and billing features you expect from medical PM software. You get all the basics, such as the ability to set up appointments for the different physicians in your office, automated appointment reminders, patient registration, and patient statements and collections.

Your front-office staff can collect copays when patients check in. The software also tracks patient account balances and prints out statements automatically when balances become overdue, a feature common in only some applications so your staff doesn't have to spend time checking account balances daily and can instead focus on other tasks.

NueMD includes features that are often found in separate software programs. The patient portal lets your patients self-schedule and self-pay, which is a huge convenience for them and your office. There's also a reporting section, which lets you study data on claims, appointments, and more, to help you figure out what's lacking and where you can improve day-to-day operations. If you choose the mid-level package, you get chart management and an inventory manager.

If you'd prefer to stick with your own medical records software (also known as EHR or EMR), NueMD integrates well with third-party applications. Otherwise, NueMD offers its own EHR that you can use with its medical PM software.

NueMD's medical PM and billing software offers a claims scrubber that results in an average 99% first-time pass resolution rate, which is hard to come by. It also offers scheduling and reporting features to help your medical office perform efficiently and profitably.

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