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Pros / MxSecure provides several transcription solutions that work with medical facilities of all sizes.

Cons / No dedicated account managers are assigned to individual clients.

 Verdict / MxSecure is one of the best transcription services out there for offering hassle-free electronic health integration and speech-recognition technology.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

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MxSecure is one of the largest and most affordable medical transcription services in the industry. They do not always use U.S. based transcriptionists like higher-ranking services do, but overall, MxSecure provides several high-quality transcription solutions that fit a variety of needs. Their speech-recognition software, which helps you save on transcription costs, and MxChart, the company's electronic health record (EHR) system, are a couple of the reasons why MxSecure earns our TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award.

Document Management

MxSecure provides clients with a variety of transcription solutions and software, including electronic medical records and speech recognition. The company provides complete transcription services with its most powerful solution, MxSecure, which is ideal for larger organizations. It's both a medical transcription service and a document management system, and it's a great solution for any medical practice that needs a thorough way to set up a complete EHR system in one fell swoop. Additionally, MxSecure doesn't require clients to adhere to a long-term contract, so you can cancel at anytime.

To meet the preferences of all physicians, MxSecure allows multiple dictation methods, including digital handheld recorders, toll-free phone dictation and dictation through a PC. The company guarantees a 24-hour turnaround time on every transcription, and you can retrieve your transcriptions quickly and easily by logging in and searching your most recent archives.

Another transcription service the company offers is MxTranscribe. This service provides one secure, easily accessible online location for all patient records and can be used by specialty health-care practices with up to 100 physicians. This service also comes with fast turnaround time, auto-faxing capabilities, practice-ready reporting tools, experienced medical specialists, simple EMR/EHR integration, no long-term contracts or capital investments, unlimited support and full HIPPA compliance.

In addition to transcription services, MxSecure offers an electronic health-record system called MxChart. MxChart is a cloud software client that organizes your electronic health records seamlessly and requires no servers, software updates or even a dedicated network or computer, because MxChart remains part of the MxSecure network and allows clients to login wherever there is an internet connection.

MxChart can integrate into current clinical systems easily, and a full certification of MxChart helps users qualify for health care stimulus plan incentive payments of up to $44,000 for Medicare and $63,750 for Medicaid. The e-Prescription feature is another noteworthy feature of MxChart. It makes note of the drugs, doses and amounts you most frequently prescribe for a particular diagnosis; it will automatically update a patient's record with new prescription information, alert doctors to any allergies the patient may have and send prescriptions to the pharmacy. Both MxTranscribe and MxChart can be set up in as few as three days.

If you're looking for a way to save on transcription costs, MxSecure provides speech-recognition services. The powerful speech-recognition technology requires no system training, special training or tools to use. Simply dictate into the software and it automatically transcribes notes into text documents. Medical facilities can save up to 40 percent on transcription costs when using this speech-recognition dictation product.

Accuracy & Privacy

When searching your archives, MxSecure allows detailed search criteria to let you filter your transcriptions in any way you choose. You can filter by name, provider, date, location, work type or status. You can also easily go online and edit your transcriptions with the service, helping your facility reduce paperwork and improve efficiency. E-Signatures by physicians are also allowed, helping improve your efficiency rate even more.

Once the transcription has been completed, MxSecure offers an auto-fax service that will automatically fax your transcript to a specified recipient (provider, insurance company) so you no longer have to print and fax a document for it to be signed. The service also offers a secure email client that lets you communicate with providers regarding medical records in a completely private, HIPPA-compliant format.

To manage your transcribed documents, clients can log in online from any internet browser using their own usernames and passwords, or they can use MxSecure's desktop application, which can be installed on any PC. Once logged in, administrators can also track user actions. Clients have full control over how they organize their documents as they are completed and can set the status to each file as they deem fit.

Dictation Capture Methods

Full or partial transcription outsourcing solutions are available with MxSecure. Both U.S. based transcriptionists and some from other countries are utilized to complete the transcription of documents. All transcriptionists are experienced medical language specialists, which help ensure a high accuracy rate. And you can be sure your documents are always secure. The company's services are 100-percent HIPPA compliant, and every service it provides is encrypted at the highest level.

Transcription Delivery

The help and support options provided by MxSecure make understanding how its service works quick and easy. A tutorial is provided on the company's website explaining how MxSecure operates, and a live demo can be requested. No FAQs are available, but the company offers unlimited 24-hour support for all clients. It also offers toll-free phone and email contact options and a mailing list.


MxSecure is an impressive service for the several effective transcription solutions it provides. From offering two complete medical transcription solutions depending on the size of your facility, both MxSecure and MxTranscribe, as well as their electronic medical health record system MxChart, MxSecureis a transcription service that goes above and beyond basic transcription services and is one that we highly recommend.

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