Pros / eFax stores all of your faxes for an unlimited time.

Cons / This service is more expensive than others in our review.

 Verdict / Though eFax charges more than most fax services in monthly and overage fees, its features make faxing effective and simple.

eFax is one of the best online fax services available for small businesses. While it doesn't have as good of a value as some of the others in our review because of its higher charges, it offers comprehensive fax functions and is user friendly, making it a strong fax service.

You can choose from two faxing plans: eFax Plus and eFax Pro. We reviewed the Plus plan, which comes with 150 incoming faxes per month and 150 outgoing faxes. Most of the other services on our lineup don't designate what your monthly allotment of fax pages have to be used for. The fact that eFax does might be inconvenient, depending on the fax volumes you send and receive each month. If you use more than 150 pages for either sending or receiving faxes, each additional page is 10 cents each. To use this service, you must also pay a $10 setup fee. Enterprise-level services for large businesses are available.

When you sign up for eFax, you can choose to pay for a year's worth of service upfront, which discounts the price, or sign up for month-to-month service, which provides more flexibility. The service includes local and toll-free fax numbers and allows you to send faxes internationally. You can send faxes from your email, the online portal or your mobile device. Your faxes are usually sent and received as email attachments. You can also upload files and send them through the online portal.

If you use the mobile version of this service, you can take pictures of documents with your Android or iOS device and send the image of the file as a fax. You can also attach a file on your mobile device and send it that way, if you prefer. Mobile apps are free for account holders and can be helpful if you're often out of the office for your job, since you can fax on the go. Both the mobile and desktop platforms are among the easiest to use in our review.

With eFax, you can sign documents electronically, share files and store your faxes for as long as you use the service. You can also send faxes to multiple recipients at once.

If you need help with this fax service, you can reach out to customer support via email, phone or live chat. When our testers reached out to eFax representatives, they quickly answered our questions and were knowledgeable. You can also browse the website for answers in tutorials, the FAQs page and other online resources.

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eFax isn't the cheapest online fax service we reviewed, but it has most of the features we looked for in a fax service. Its features and ease of use make it an attractive option. It does offer a lower allotment of faxing pages, however, so if your company needs to send and receive more faxes each month, it might be wise to look into eFax's enterprise plans.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Sending & Receiving Faxes

Ease of Use
Schedule Delivery
Electronic Signature
Multiple Recipients
Microsoft Outlook Integration
International Faxing
Toll-Free Number
Fax Storage Limit
No Limit

Customer Support

Toll-Free Phone Support
Email/Online Forms
Live Chat

Price & Value

Monthly Cost
Setup Fee
Fax Overage Fee
Monthly Page Allotment
150 Sent; 150 Rec'd