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PROS / eXtremeFax's Call Controller function and many other features make the service easy to use.

CONS / Plans that offer more than 1200 fax pages per month are not available through this service.

 VERDICT / eXtremeFax is functional and convenient to use for anyone with faxing needs.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.


eXtremeFax puts all its premier features into one desktop application through its Call Controller. It makes faxing and managing faxes simple, easy and efficient. It combines varied user options with convenience to form one of the best faxing solutions offered on our list of the 17 best online fax services.

It's no surprise that eXtremeFax ranks second behind RingCentral on our list. RingCentral Inc. owns both online fax services. The San Mateo, California company offers a host of telephony services to small businesses, including its online faxing systems. Technology offered through RingCentral eliminates the need for expensive onsite phone systems and helped eXtremeFax rank high on our list.

A big advantage to choosing eXtremeFax is that you can get many faxes for an affordable monthly fee. Plus, you aren't going to lose any features if you choose one plan or the other. The only disadvantage we could find is that the service does not offer a base plan that includes more than 1,200 fax pages. You can add more pages to your plan, but the cost could be significant, depending on the number of faxes you send and receive.

Sending Faxes

One good thing about signing up for eXtremeFax is that you don't have to have a fax machine and a dedicated line to use the service. Plus, a toll-free or local number enables you to send and receive faxes from anywhere in the world, and you can either use your PC or your smartphone to send faxes. There's also the option to receive notifications by text message, email and on your PC whenever you get an incoming fax. Forwarding faxes is as easy as sending an email attachment. At any time, you can view a complete record of all your fax messages through your online account.

The Call Controller function lets you turn your PC into a complete messaging center. When someone calls your number, the feature notifies you via a pop-up window on your screen. You'll see the caller ID of your caller and four call-management options: answering the call on your PC, reply, forward to another number, and ignore or send to Voicemail. If you don't choose one of these options, the controller will assume that you are not at your computer and will attempt to locate you through your call-forwarding settings, or you can set the application to send the call directly to voicemail.

The Call Controller enables you to listen to voice messages, open faxes and view SoftPhone call logs without ever having to access your online account. A big plus associated with this feature is the fact that it synchronizes with your online account whenever you make any changes in the Call Controller interface and vice versa. Additionally, the Call Controller makes it easy to send a fax – you simply drag and drop a document into it.

Another admirable feature is the online accounts sync with the Call Controller. This might not seem like much, but it has the potential to be an enormous timesaver for people who send and receive many faxes.

eXtremeFax also has some useful security options. The service transmits every fax you send over an encrypted connection. All of your faxes are stored in your password-protected online account. The service even protects your voicemails with a password. It also lets you sign your faxes with an electronic signature.

The online fax service lets you design custom cover sheets and annotate and sign your faxes electronically. You can also broadcast faxes directly to your Microsoft Outlook contacts and sync caller ID information with Outlook contacts. The web interface offered through eXtremeFax is well designed and very utilitarian.

One downside is that the service limits the number of faxes you can store to 200, but that's not a problem if you opt to store them in your email. The online fax service allows you to send and receive a combined total of 500 faxes, which is the second highest amount among services on our list.

Page Usage

eXtremeFax offers two different plans – one with 600 pages and the other with 1,200. Once you exceed those numbers, you'll have to pay a 5-cent fee for every extra page sent or received in the 600-page plan and 3 cents in the 1,200-page plan, in addition to your required monthly fee. The best thing about these two plans is that you get the same features no matter which one you choose.


A drawback associated with this online fax service is the lack of any plan that offers more than 1,200 faxes. If you send and receive 2,000 or more faxes on either plan, you're going to pay significantly more in overage charges. On the positive side, there are no set-up or fax-storage fees.


Receiving Faxes

We had no problems figuring out anything having to do with eXtremeFax. The Call Controller streamlines the entire operation and makes everything more convenient. The fact that it syncs with online accounts is an additional bonus that could save you a lot of time. RingCentral's knowledgebase can bail you out if anything gets you stuck.


eXtremeFax is one of the most effective and easy-to-use online fax services out there. With the Call Controller interface and the features offered in the online account, your options are endless with this online fax service. It works well for any faxing needs.