Pros / This service gives you 300 pages per month to share between outbound and inbound faxes.

Cons / Per-fax overage fees are the highest of all the internet fax services on our comparison.

 Verdict / has the basic features you need to quickly send and receive business faxes. provides online fax services through your email client or the online interface. All of your faxes are stored in your online account, though only for 30 days. There is no limit to the number of faxes you can store during that period, and after the 30-day period, you can use your email program to store your faxes for later retrieval.

The service gives you flexibility to send faxes whenever and wherever you desire, whether through a desktop computer, laptop or mobile device, including cell phones and tablets. It doesn't have a designated app, however, so you have to access your online portal using your internet browser.

The basic service entitles you to a combined total of 300 inbound and outbound fax pages a month. Unlike many of the services on our lineup, lets you choose whether you use the 300 pages to send or receive faxes. They can be sent anywhere within the United States or Canada. Once you go over this page limit, you pay a 12-cent fee for every additional page. That's the highest of the online faxing services we reviewed. allows you to send faxes without having to get a new phone line. It offers toll-free or local fax numbers at no extra cost. It has auto-resend and attempts to send a fax five times if it doesn't go through the first time or if the line is busy. This fax service also offers international faxing. The service charges international numbers on a per-minute basis, which can add up quickly depending on how long it takes to send a fax.

You can choose to have inbound faxes received as either a PDF or TIFF image file. allows you to upload an image of your signature to add it to your outgoing faxes. You can also edit the subject line or write a message on the pre-designed cover letter.

Sending a fax through is fairly simple whether you are using the online or mobile platform. The Send a Fax icon at the top of the screen brings you to the text fields that need to be filled in. The interface is easy to use, making it so you can quickly learn how to send and receive faxes. However, there are not a lot of advanced features or options.

This internet fax service has several helpful video demonstrations on its website that outline particular tasks associated with the service in a helpful, step-by-step format. The company's FAQs section fills in any blanks and provides solid additional information.

If you can't find what you're looking for in either one of those resources, you can call the toll-free telephone support line during business hours or create a support ticket. We found that both methods were helpful in connecting us with friendly and helpful support personnel, though we received more in-depth answers to our questions through the email response.

Summary provides many useful and easy-to-use features, though not as many as our top-ranked fax services. We liked the 300-page limit and the flexibility to divide as we need between sending and receiving faxes, though a few services on our comparison provide a higher limit. The per-page overage fee is the highest on our comparison, but is a good choice if you need basic faxing services and the ability to access faxes from any internet-enabled device.