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Pros / GreenFax offers a decent amount of faxes per month.

Cons / The service does not offer electronic signatures on faxes.

 Verdict / Despite its confusing package pricing and its unadorned interface, GreenFax suits most basic faxing needs.

GreenFax's online fax service lets you send and receive faxes through an email account or a web interface. It has unlimited storage, so you can keep as many faxes as you want for as long as you want. This email fax service has auto-resend if a fax fails to go through and international faxing.

The company's focus on supplying paperless communication shows in this easy-to-use internet fax service. The monthly fee for the basic Signature plan supports as many as 250 incoming and another 250 outing faxes. Over those limits, you're charged 3 cents per page for faxes received and 6 cents for each additional sent pages. There is no setup charge. However, for the same price, you can choose to have a toll-free number but lose 300 pages of faxes per month.

The interface is barebones and streamlined, making it a good experience to use. It is unadorned, without much color or extras to make it more engaging, but it has enough to get your business faxing needs done. This made navigating the platform easy to use, though we missed some of the more advanced features, like the ability to schedule faxes. Scheduling faxes is a great feature if you frequently send faxes to international numbers. Additionally, this email fax service also doesn't allow you to block senders in the event that you receive spam faxes.

However, it still has all the functions you need to send or receive your faxes. If you do not need advanced sending options, consider GreenFax. One feature we found especially useful is that GreenFax saves all of your faxes and never erases them as long as you are a client.

GreenFax allows you to send faxes from your email program. You can either enter text into the message body or attach a fax to be sent out. Faxes received are automatically converted into a PDF file, making it easier for you to open and view them.

This electronic fax service has a FAQs section with good information. Its user guides add subsequent helpful data on how to send, receive and broadcast faxes. If you can't find the answers you need in either of these resources, you can fill out the contact form provided on GreenFax's website. You may also send an email. We received a response within minutes. Alternatively, you may call telephone support during business hours, but it is not a toll-free call.


GreenFax compares well to most other services, though its package structure is lacking advanced features and design qualities. It has relatively low overage fees and doesn't charge a setup fee. GreenFax has a lot to offer for anyone needing basic faxing need, including some good support options.

GreenFax Signature Visit Site