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Pros / Nextiva Fax lets you schedule faxes for a future time.

Cons / This service has no international faxing feature.

 Verdict / Nextiva Fax is a good, cost-effective service with numerous options for effective business faxing.

TopTenREVIEWS - Bronze Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Nextiva Fax offers a high-quality online fax service that is customizable. It has a wide range of faxing packages and payment options to match your needs. This service allows you to port your existing fax numbers for use with Nextiva Fax. It also allows you to send or receive 500 faxes each month, which exceeds many of the fax services on our lineup. Between its advanced features and customer support options, we award Nextiva Fax our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

Sending Faxes

Nextiva Fax contains a well-rounded set of features, missing only a few that we expect from online fax companies. This service allows you to send digital faxes to email to five recipients at one time. Recipients can be fax machines or email addresses. When sending a fax, the primary recipient must be a fax number, and any email address you wish to send it to can later be included to receive a copy of the fax transmission.

Copies of sent faxes and incoming faxes can be accessed from anywhere email is available, including your smartphone. This added convenience makes it a very valuable way to monitor your faxes from any location. The service offers mobile fax alerts and has an email plug-in for Outlook and Outlook Express to make fax management simple and easy.

The interface was one of the most difficult to navigate in our internet fax service review. In our hands-on tests, reviewers completed tasks like sending and receiving faxes and checking fax confirmations from the online portal. We had to enter login information into two different sections of the portal before gaining access, which was time consuming. Furthermore, the online dashboard's viewing screen is very small when accessing it on a mobile device, making it difficult to view received faxes. Nextiva also lacks a mobile app for sending and receiving faxes, so you cannot check or send faxes on the go as easily as you can from a designated app.

This service also does not allow you to add a digital signature to your faxes, and vanity fax numbers are not available. This fax service does not offer international faxing.

Page Usage

The service offers a substantial monthly page limit and inexpensive overage fees. It offers a combined total of 500 pages for incoming and outgoing faxes and charges a 3-cent fee for every page thereafter. It has a variety of options and features.

Additionally, you can choose between monthly payments or an annual subscription to the service. The annual subscription costs less, and you can cancel it at any time and receive a refund for the months you did not use the service, making this one of the most cost-effective services we reviewed.

Receiving Faxes

Nextiva Fax automatically converts incoming faxes into PDF or TIFF files before sending them to your email inbox or to your online account portal. These are the most universal files for faxes and the easiest to store for later reference. This internet fax service keeps all sent and received faxes stored for up to a year in the online portal before automatically deleting them. However, if you have faxes sent to your email account, these faxes are saved there until you choose remove them.

One feature that Nextiva Fax doesn't include is the ability to block spam messages. This function is helpful in reducing unwanted incoming faxes that could deplete your monthly per-fax limit.

Toll-free and local fax numbers are available. However, Nextiva charges a $4.95 per-month fee for 800 numbers. This is unusual since the majority of the fax services we reviewed include this feature as part of the overall, basic monthly subscription fee.

Customer Support

Nextiva Fax does well in our customer service ranking. Its FAQs page is relatively short, but the online knowledgebase is extensive. The website has a lot of information and at times is a little difficult to navigate, but the online chat feature is helpful in getting answers to questions quickly.

In addition to the online chat, we connected with personnel through email and telephone. Each time, we were quickly helped by friendly and knowledgeable individuals. Nextiva Fax has a user guide, and it offers a free trial for you to test the service before you commit.


Nextiva Fax is an online fax service with a lot of power, despite its lack of a few, key features. Its standard package of fax features, high degree of customizability and low rates make it incredibly competitive.

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