Pros / Daptiv PPM is fully customizable and includes over 150 integrations. It is one of the best for project portfolio management (PPM).

Cons / You'll want to carefully configure your team member's dashboard so they are not overwhelmed with the wealth of features and customization options.

 Verdict / For those looking to create a fully customized solution that can manage numerous projects and resources simultaneously, Daptiv PPM is one to put on your short list. While it can be more difficult to quickly master than others, ample training is available.

Daptiv PPM is a Change Point project portfolio management product most popularly utilized in IT and project management service (PMO) offices. Its key market is midsized teams of 200 or so licenses. Customers also often use this solution for new product development (DPDI) and manufacturing. As the name implies this PM software is highly adaptive and includes dynamic applications for creating processes without coding. It also includes over 150 pre-built integrations which connect with business systems such as ERP and CRM solutions.

The latest release includes an improved design and UX as well as new resource management tools. It offers resource plan templates, soft planning of resource types and a new resource plan interface. If you need to schedule a wide-variety of resources across multiple projects Daptiv PPM can help you achieve it. Daptiv has a new feature called "user impersonation," which was its most demanded desired feature last year. Other improvement includes increased integration with Microsoft Outlook and MS Project. Overall the latest version includes over 200 enhancements.

Ease of Use

If you are a project manager who has been looking for PPM software that can do far more than what you have seen in the market, Daptiv PPM might be the answer. You can customize this software to do anything you desire and it can run any type of report you configure. However, it may take a bit of time to learn how to best perform more complex tasks. With patience though, you should be able to master the software and Daptiv provides ample training and implementation assistance. You can customize the dashboards to make the software easier to navigate and you can clone projects, tasks and resource plans to help facilitate quicker turnarounds later. Daptiv also has created configurations specific to certain industries such as IT governance, project management offices (PMO), and new product development and introduction DPDI.

While experienced project managers will appreciate the volume of options available within the software, our team member testers found it to be a bit overwhelming. When you configure this software you'll want to ensure that you streamline the team member, executive and stakeholder dashboards so they are not distracted with too many options. When we were testing this software one of our testers completed the task list in average time, whereas another gave up before completion and had to consult the help pages to figure out how to complete basic tasks. Lower team member ease-of-use scores does not alone indicate a poorly conceived product. What it does mean though is that you should customize the team member screens and take full advantage of the training provided by Daptiv to help your team adopt the software easily.

Project Initiation & Prioritization

Since this is a PPM solution it includes many tools for project scoring and analysis. Daptiv, being fully customizable, is capable of monitoring unique indicators to help you take on projects that best align with your corporate or team objectives. It easily manages approvals and you can configure custom approval processes. Project managers can check the pipeline view of projects and quickly see project scores, approval statuses, risk and benefits, and projected budget information. It also can handle What If scenarios and it includes pre-build scoring models to help you get started. If you need to manage multiple projects consecutively, are a PMO or provide PM services, Daptiv PPM is one to consider since it has powerful tools for analyzing projects before and after they are executed.

Project Planning

Daptiv PPM supports all project management methodologies and includes improved resource and capacity planning tools. Using this system you can clone and tweak project templates and create dynamic applications to help you automate process such as how to manage a change or issue requests. It includes powerful, integrated Gantt charts and graphical reports. As mentioned it has greatly improved its resource management features. It can manage timesheets, schedules, resources across multiple projects and generic resources. And its new user impersonation feature allows managers to impersonate certain roles when they need to mark off tasks, add comments, submit time worked and more as the impersonated user.

Execution & Monitoring

After the project is set into action Daptiv has many tools for monitoring progress and tracking issues. You can easily run mid-project reports, configure alerts, monitor discussions and manage requests. If you are managing numerous projects you can quickly view all project statuses through one dashboard and view health indicators to access the status of your projects. Using the over 150 integrations you can tie in project data with other business systems to help lower your workload and streamline processes. It includes a feature called Work Intelligence, which includes reports, complex dashboards and project visibility. Using this high-level of visibility you can easily target problem areas to keep your projects on track.

Delivery & Closure

Delivery and closure features are those used to access whether a project is complete and ready to deliver to the clients and lesson learned tools to help improve current and future project success. Daptiv can run open item, issue and change order reports so you can make sure that all issues have been satisfactory addressed. Lesson-learned reports can help you plan future projects better and you can archive projects and use them as project templates later. It also track financials such as actual expenses, invoices, purchase orders, labor estimates and material expense to assist with accounting and payroll. You can utilize direct integrations to connect to financial business systems.

Security & Compliance

Daptiv PPM employs numerous security protocols to help keep your company's proprietary information and your client's data secure. It is ISO 27001 certified, this means that it meets specific requirements for securing information. The Daptiv facility as completed a SOC2 audit and it is compliant with the U.S. - EU Safe Harbor requirements. Data transfers are secured. Daptiv is a fully SaaS solution and does not offer on-premise deployment options.

This project management system includes technologies to control data access as well. You can configure the system to block certain information, such as financial data, from team members. Since the dashboards are full customizable you can configure them to only show information relevant to each person or job role. Daptiv can help you set up profiles during the implementation phase to ensure that you create the proper user roles for your company.

Integration & Professional Services

Since we have discussed integrations in other section of this review, we'll address professional services. Since this software is highly-customizable and designed to handle complex projects, upfront configuration and training is extremely valuable. Understanding that proper setup and training help lead to long term adoption and success, Daptiv offers a broad range of professional support. It begins with the Discover phase where they learn about your business this leads to the Model phase. During this phase you and Daptiv will map your process to what Daptiv is capable of managing. The next phase is Deploy. During this phase you and your team are trained and the software is rolled out. The last phase Optimize last indefinitely and is available to help you to continue optimizing Daptiv PPM. Training is available onsite, online and via webinars.

We highly recommend that you download Daptiv's Essential Buyer's Guide for PPM. This document includes information on how to estimate ROI, accessing your organization maturity level and a vendor comparison list of features you can use to compare potential vendors. This is the best buyer's guide we have seen so far.


Daptiv PPM is a complex project management system capable of managing numerous projects simultaneously and resources across multiple projects. If you are looking for a system that is highly customizable and integratable, Daptiv is worth considering.