Since 2004, Bask, formerly known as, has provided technology support to small businesses around the world. The company's repertoire of services includes repair and proactive maintenance of computers and peripheral devices, making it a tech support service for both technologically inexperienced consumers and small businesses that lack access to in-house technical support.

Bask's services are designed to keep all of your technology running optimally. This remote support service can help you with any tech issue you're experiencing with your computer or peripheral device, including PCs, Macs, printers and mobile devices. Bask renders service in three simple steps: A remote technician connects to your computer, diagnoses the issue and fixes it. The duration and cost of the repair, assuming it is a one-time fix, depends on the complexity and severity of the issue.

Like most tech services, Bask provides both subscriptions and one-time fixes. A monthly subscription to Bask enables you to get help with any problem at any time. It also gives you unlimited access to the service's tools and resources to maintain and protect your devices, not just fix problems.

This tech support service provides a free diagnosis if you're struggling with an unknown computer problem. A no-obligation price quote and diagnosis is essential if you're a new customer or seeking a one-time fix.

Bask's spectrum of services and supported devices is what you should expect from a superior online tech support service. However, its actual customer support is not as robust. Although the Bask website has a blog, the site doesn't offer comprehensive self-help tools, such as setup guides, how-to articles and DIY troubleshooting instructions. To contact the company, you can call, submit a help ticket or reach out via live chat.

Bask delivers an impressive range of services. Although it lacks many self-help tools, its broad technology support for all of your devices makes Bask a good online tech support option.