Gurus2go provides technical support services to enterprises, small businesses and consumers across North America. Like all the best remote support services, it provides comprehensive tech support for computers as well as common electronics and gadgets. Gurus2go is not as convenient or flexible as some other services, but its U.S.-based support and affordability make it an attractive option.

When it comes to the tech services it provides and the issues it can fix, Gurus2go is right on par with other top PC repair services. This service offers just about any tech support you could need, including data recovery and virus removal. The same is true for its supported peripherals; Gurus2go services all types of computers, gadgets and communication devices. These include televisions and home theater equipment. Gurus2go provides only one-time fixes and repairs; it does not provide subscription-based services for unlimited support.

Beyond its breadth of services, Gurus2go offers other notable features that are bound to appeal to prospective customers. For starters, the company is located in the United States, as are all of its support technicians. This ensures you won't run into language barriers or communication issues as you might with foreign-based support services. Gurus2go also offers multiple methods of service. Remote support enables a tech to remotely log in to your computer and fix issues instantly. The company also maintains a network of more than 6,000 technicians who can provide on-site tech support throughout the U.S.

The most glaring service that the company does not provide is 24-hour remote support. In fact, it is the sole company on this site that doesn't offer around-the-clock support. This means the company isn't an option if you need emergency computer repair after regular business hours.

Another issue with this service is that it is continuously unavailable via live chat. A live support button is on virtually every page of the Gurus2go website, but the service often isn't online during the posted hours. Gurus2go does its current and potential customers a disservice by presenting chat as an option even though it never seems to be available.

With U.S.-based support and thousands of techs who can provide convenient on-site service, Gurus2go can handle any tech nightmare you encounter quickly and efficiently. However, without 24/7 availability, this online tech support service is not always as appealing as more robust services that offer around-the-clock assistance.