Pros / Omni Tech Support can assist you with any computer-related problem or task.

Cons / The service's customer support is lacking, and it can be difficult to communicate with the techs.

 Verdict / Omni Tech Support delivers decent tech support but it lacks the high quality and accommodating customer service necessary for a successful tech support company.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

Omni Tech Support can help you with any problem or task related to computers, whether it's a PC tune-up or virus removal. While 24/7 availability and Microsoft certifications play to the advantage of this technical support company, its range of services is narrower than most other competitors, and its customer support is surprisingly disappointing.

This remote support service deals primarily with computer issues such as data recovery, OS migration and removing all types of malware from your system, but it definitely has its pros and cons. In terms of prevention and maintenance, Omni Tech Support can secure your web browser to keep your system safe from online threats, install anti-virus applications to prevent harmful infections from taking root and optimize your computer's settings so it runs smoothly. While the company can help you sync devices to your computer, agents informed us that they do not provide support for home networking, peripheral set up or home theaters.

Unfortunately, Omni Tech Support's range of services and any notable service features it possesses pale when you consider the quality of the company's customer service. We ran into more frustrating issues and language roadblocks with this service than we did with any other company on our lineup. It seems the techs are trained to do and say whatever they can to get you to sign up for service. For example, they wouldn't answer our questions directly on chat, even simple yes or no questions, and they would often respond to our inquiries with questions of their own (e.g. "are you currently on the computer that is having the problem?"). They were also slow to respond during our chat sessions, and we had several abruptly end our chat session when we told them we weren't quite ready to proceed with service. On the telephone, the company's reps were friendly enough, but each one had an extremely thick accent. We had trouble understanding them, and some representatives didn't comprehend simple questions we asked, such as, "Do you support Mac computers?"

We can't fault a company for the behavior of a single representative, but we consistently ran into poor customer service with Omni Tech – we spoke to at least six separate agents, and each time, we were surprised to encounter the same issues.


Omni Tech Support delivers most of the tech services and peripheral support we sought in technical support companies. However, it's hard to look past the customer service issues we continually ran into. Unless you have an extraordinary amount of tolerance required to simply communicate with the agents, we'd suggest looking into the other technical support services on our lineup first.