USTechSupport is an online tech support service that specializes in PC service and repair. The company is not nearly as comprehensive as other remote support services, but it can solve just about any issue with PCs and Microsoft products.

USTechSupport delivers fast and effective fixes for your PC. Some of the most common problems the company can fix are sluggish operating systems, malware infections, program errors and system crashes. But computer problems aren't the only service USTechSupport provides; it also offers preventive support to ensure peak performance from your computer. This includes browser security, antivirus software installation and an online backup solution from the company. USTechSupport can also help you with all of your digital accessories, including routers, MP3 players and any other device that connects to your PC.

Whatever computer problem you're dealing with, this remote support service provides flexible options to get you the help you need. Beyond one-time fixes, the service provides subscription plans for one PC or three PCs. The latter is best for families and home networks. Each plan includes unlimited PC support, as well as the company's proprietary online backup service and antivirus software.

While USTechSupport provides excellent PC service, it lacks one huge component of online tech support: It does not support the Mac operating system. If you are a Mac user or if your home network consists of both PCs and Macs, USTechSupport is not a viable option for your technical support.

Another issue with the service is its cost. Tech support can be costly to begin with, but USTechSupport's pricing isn't nearly as competitive or favorable as that of some other companies. You'll pay nearly as much for a one-time fix as you would for an annual subscription. Additionally, the company charges a monthly maintenance fee for its subscriptions. So while you'll get unlimited PC support, it's at a much steeper price than you would likely pay with another service.

The company's support staff is located in North America, so there is no language barrier for English speakers. However, you may have difficulty reaching an agent over the phone or via email in a timely manner.

USTechSupport isn't the most cost-effective or comprehensive technical support service out there, especially considering that it doesn't support Mac computers. However, it's worth looking into if you exclusively use PCs.