Pros / This paper shredding service is NAID certified and provides you with a certificate of destruction after your documents are destroyed.

Cons / Customer service didn't respond as quickly to our questions as other document shredding services we reviewed.

 Verdict / We recommend this paper shredding service for the extra security precautions it takes.

American Shredding document shredding services makes security its top priority. None of its employees directly handle or view your papers, and all the documents you give the company are shredded and recycled. It is NAID certified, so you receive a line of security and a certificate of destruction when the paper shredding job is done.

This paper shredding service does not allow you to choose the size of the pieces your papers are shredded to, nor does it offer security risk assessment services, security measures that are offered by the best document shredding services. However, it does shred your documents to the DIN Level 4 requirement of 5/8 of an inch. The shredded particles are then be recycled, so there isn't any way for them to be pieced back together.

This service offers a mobile shredding option. When you opt for mobile shredding, a shredding truck arrives at your location, and you are given a box to load with paper. The box is emptied into the truck without American Shredding’s employees ever touching the paper directly. This is done to ensure the best security.

The company also allows you to store a locked console in your office, which is then emptied into the shredder weekly or monthly, depending on your company’s needs. In both cases, your documents are transported to an American Shredding secure facility to be destroyed.

If you choose to use a console, American Shredding has a standard size container that fits up to 96 gallons of paper, which is much bigger than the 64-gallon consoles that most companies provide. If you don’t need a container that big, there are smaller sizes available from American Shredding. Containers larger than 96 gallons are also available upon request, though these are not listed on the price sheet with the other, standard consoles.

Along with destroying paper, this service can also help you destroy other information storage devices. You can use it to totally demolish laptops, hard drives, optical media and other devices. The pricing varies and is arranged by individual sales representatives.

The customer support team members we interacted with were helpful and knowledgeable. However, it took longer for a customer service representative to contact us than it did with some other services. After we filled out the contact form, it took two business days to receive a response. Even then, not all of our questions were answered. We had much more success when we called; we didn’t have to wait for a representative, and our questions were answered quickly.


American Shredding document destruction service is secure and offers plenty of shredding options. The company takes measures to ensure it follows all state and federal regulations and is NAID certified. However, it may take some time to get in contact with the customer support team via the contact form.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Records & Data Management

Document Imaging
Computer Backup
Onsite Records Archives
Cloud Storage
Hard Drive Destruction
Electronic Media Destruction
Prototype Destruction
X-Ray Destruction

Security & Certification Regulations

Largest Standard Console Capacity
96 gal
Smallest Shred Size
5/8 in
NAID AAA Certified
Serial Number Log

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One Time Offsite
Regularly Scheduled On Site
Regularly Scheduled Off Site
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