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Iron Mountain Review

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PROS / This company has the most secure facility and paper shredding process of the companies we reviewed, so information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

CONS / This service requires several extra steps to get a price quote, making the process more complicated than those of other services we reviewed.

 VERDICT / Iron Mountain is the best paper shredding service. It has options for every shredding need, regardless of document volume or the location of your company.

When choosing a paper shredding service, it is important that every available security measure is taken to properly handle your sensitive information. Iron Mountain not only has every point of the paper shredding process covered, it also has a secure process for disposing of hard drives, media such as CDs and DVDs, and other electronic devices used to store critical information. This is why Iron Mountain is the best paper shredding service around and the winner of the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

Security & Certification

It is very important that your documents are shredded properly and securely. Iron Mountain is NAID certified, meaning it complies with all the legal regulations and standards currently in place. It also provides a certificate of destruction each time it completes a paper shredding job for you. This includes tracking the serial number of each locked console it picks up from your office, whether the documents were shredded onsite or transported to a secure facility. The company also documents the line of security personnel who handle your important documents from start to finish. This document is important to have on hand in case your company is ever audited for compliance to document shredding laws.

Iron Mountain provides you with a locked console, so you can easily collect important documents in your office. There are several different sizes available, with the largest standard container holding 64 gallons of paper. This console looks like a garbage can. Bigger consoles are available, but these special sizes need to be custom ordered.

The service uses a crosscut shredding technique that tears the papers into confetti-style pieces of different sizes, making the shredding process even more secure. The largest size your documents are shredded to is approximately 1/4 of an inch, though most are much smaller. The shredded particles are recycled, further ensuring your documents never fall into the wrong hands or are reconstructed. This paper shredding service is so secure that several companies, such as Office Depot and FedEx, use it to destroy the papers they collect from their customers to be shredded.

Customer Support Services

Depending on your company’s needs, Iron Mountain has several shredding service options available. If you have a large number of documents that that need to be disposed of quickly, you can use its one-time shredding service. This allows you to get rid of your sensitive information without paying a monthly service fee. If you work in an industry that has a lot of files and documents that need to be destroyed on a regular basis, you can choose to have the company pick up your papers monthly, every other week or weekly, depending on the volume you need shredded.

Iron Mountain has facilities located around the world, so you can also choose to bring your documents directly to the company’s facilities for shredding. No matter which method you choose, all of the paper is compacted and recycled into other paper products. The company even sends you a yearly report with information on how your company has helped the environment, including how many trees the shredded paper from your business saved.

The quality and availability of customer services is a good indicator of whether or not you can trust a company with your sensitive information. We found that Iron Mountain was very courteous and quick to get back to us when we needed questions answered. However, we were a little disappointed that the online chat representative we talked with didn't know some of the basic services we asked about nor provided current pricing information. We had to give the company our contact information and wait for a sales rep to contact us to get this information. Even then, we had to follow up with another phone call and speak with another representative to get a general price quote.

This service has an email address, telephone number and a live chat feature available for connecting directly with support personnel. Additionally, there is an extensive resource center that has tutorials about how to set up a document management policy for your office, employee training on how to handle sensitive information, and the specific laws and regulations regarding paper shredding in specific industries.

Records & Data Management

Paper files are not the only way businesses store sensitive information. More and more, companies are storing information on CDs, USB flash drives and directly on computer hard drives. This creates a challenge when it is time for the information to be destroyed. Iron Mountain provides media and hard drive destruction, as well as proper disposal of product samples, prototypes and x-rays. In much the same way paper is shredded, these other mediums are broken down into fine pieces, so there is no way to retrieve any of the information that was stored on them. These items also come with a certificate of destruction, so you are always in compliance.

Security isn't just about document destruction, and Iron Mountain has other security services for your important documents. One service is document imaging. With this service, the company makes copies of sensitive information, and the individuals creating the copies are trained to keep all information confidential. Additionally, documents and records that must be stored for a set amount of time or archived indefinitely can be stored at one of Iron Mountain’s several secure locations. This means you don't have to worry about unauthorized employees accidentally happening upon sensitive information.


Iron Mountain is the top-rated paper shredding company worldwide, with enough locations that you can choose between taking your documents directly to its facility or contract representatives to come and pick up your files from your office. Additionally, Iron Mountain provides destruction services for hard drives, CD and DVDs, and other electronic devices, so your information is securely disposed of, regardless of how it is stored. This, combined with its secure destruction process, easily makes it the best paper shredding service around.