Pros / The final particle size of your shredded documents is 1/5 of an inch, the smallest of the services we reviewed.

Cons / This is one of the most expensive paper shredding services.

 Verdict / For security and compliance purposes, National Shred Alliance is a good choice to ensure the complete destruction of your sensitive documents.

National Shred Alliance, or NSA, is located in Georgia but has offices and services throughout the United States. It is the most costly of the paper shredding services we reviewed for a one-time purge. While its regularly scheduled services are not as expensive, its prices do rank near the top. It is also one of the few companies that doesn't provide media destruction, but it is capable of destroying x-rays. These must be stored in their own box or container, separate from paper documents, because of the metal found in the film.

The company delivers a locked, serial numbered console to your office. There is a range of sizes available, with the largest, standard size capable of holding 96 gallons of paper. This large console looks much like a garbage can. The serial numbers make it easy for NSA to track your documents from the time they are picked up until they are destroyed.

NSA shreds these documents into 1/5 of an inch pieces, which is substantially smaller than the DIN standard requirements and the smallest particle size of any of the services we reviewed. Since National Shred Alliance is NAID certified, you receive a certificate of destruction for your records. After shredding, documents are then be recycled, completely eliminating the possibility of the shreds being pieced back together.

National Shred Alliance doesn't have drop-off services available. It also doesn't provide a security risk assessment for your office nor does it help you create an office paper shredding policy. Both of these features are found in the best paper shredding services. NSA also doesn't provide other document destruction services for data files on hard drives or other electronic media such as DVDs or CDs.


Because it is NAID certified, National Shred Alliance provides you with a certificate of destruction, proving you are in compliance with document destruction laws. It also takes care of shredding x-rays. While it is one of the most expensive services we looked at, NSA shreds your documents to 1/5 of an inch, the smallest particle size of any company on our paper shredding services review.