Pros / You can opt to have a locked console in your office that holds up to 96 gallons of paper.

Cons / This service is limited in its ability to destroy materials beyond paper documents.

 Verdict / PROSHRED has facilities or partners throughout the U.S. to help ensure you are in compliance with local and federal paper shredding laws.

PROSHRED is a document shredding service that has twenty-seven facilities located throughout the United States. In the states that don't have a PROSHRED facility, this service has contracted with a local facility to ensure you have access to an NAID certified paper shredding service. Because there are so many partnerships with PROSHRED, it is difficult to get a quote. This is because in some instances, this company may transfer your business to another facility or may pass along your information. In these instances, it may be hard to find contact information if you need to follow up later.

PROSHRED is NAID certified, which means it will track your documents throughout the destruction process. If you opt to use one of the provided locked consoles, the serial number helps identify and track your documents from the moment they leave your facility. You will be provided an official certificate of destruction, so you can prove compliance to local and federal laws should you ever be audited.

PROSHRED has several console options, the largest being approximately 96 gallons and shaped as a garbage can. It offers both on and offsite shredding and drop-off services if you are located close to one of its secured paper shredding facilities. All shredded documents are recycled into new paper to increase security and to help protect the environment.

This paper shredding company doesn't offer as many other data management services as others on our review. It can help you create a digital copy of your documents before shredding, but it doesn't offer either electronic or physical records storage or archive services. In addition to paper shredding, PROSHRED can destroy electronic media and hard drives.


PROSHRED is a secure paper shredding facility with a handful of locations throughout the United States. In the areas where it isn't present, PROSHRED contracts with a local service to ensure your documents are shredded according to local and federal laws. It doesn't offer many other services beyond paper shredding, though it can destroy electronic media and hard drives.

Specifications and Benchmarks

Records & Data Management

Document Imaging
Computer Backup
Onsite Records Archives
Cloud Storage
Hard Drive Destruction
Electronic Media Destruction
Prototype Destruction
X-Ray Destruction

Security & Certification Regulations

Largest Standard Console Capacity
96 gal
Smallest Shred Size
NAID AAA Certified
Serial Number Log

Representative Pricing

One Time Onsite
One Time Offsite
Regularly Scheduled On Site
Regularly Scheduled Off Site
Media Destruction
Fuel Surcharge

Customer Support Services

National Locations
Onsite Shredding
Offsite Shredding
Drop Off Service
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