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Pros / Every HR account manager is also an employment lawyer, so you can be sure your business complies with regulations and laws.

Cons / There is no FAQs page available.

 Verdict / Engage PEO offers a comprehensive set of PEO services and hires highly qualified personnel, but it is missing some helpful resources on its website. Further, you are obligated to use the service for a minimum of one year.

One of the key benefits of hiring a PEO service is that it can help you stay compliant with the laws regulating employment. If this is one of the main reasons you're looking to hire a PEO service, then Engage PEO is a good choice. When you sign up for Engage PEO, you have access to a dedicated HR consultant for your company. The HR consultants who work for Engage PEO are also employment lawyers with a thorough understanding of what your company needs to do to avoid lawsuits and stay compliant as your business grows.

Engage PEO's benefits administrators helps your business with various tasks, including administering employee benefits like 401(k) plans and health, vision and dental insurance. Engage PEO can also track, process and distribute payroll for your employees, which can save you a lot of time if you're currently doing payroll on your own. Risk management services are available, including workers' compensation and unemployment insurance. It offers typical HR management services as well, including employee recruiting, talent development, training and termination assistance.

While many companies in our review don't require a long-term contract as part of their service agreements, Engage PEO does require you to sign up for a year of service. This is not necessarily a problem, but be aware that if you sign up for this service and sign the contract, you can't cancel your service at any time without penalty.

Both you and your employees can access accounts online, making it easy to see information like paystubs and benefit summaries from any web browser. Engage PEO offers a mobile app, so you and your employees can check information on the go.

You can reach out to Engage PEO via telephone or email if you have any questions or need help running the service. Your dedicated HR manager is available to help with questions and concerns you may have, and since each HR manager is a lawyer, you can rest easy that you're compliant with state and federal laws.

There is no FAQs page on the company's website; however, the company blog is updated regularly and has useful information on various topics that affect the industry, such as family leave, health care, compliance and other important things related to HR departments.


Engage PEO is missing some features that would make it easier to use, such as the FAQs page. It also requires a long-term contract. However, it employs highly qualified professionals to assist you with HR tasks and offers all of the essential PEO features we looked for in our review. Engage PEO has some drawbacks but is a solid PEO company, especially if you need help with compliance.

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