Pros / ContentProtect Professional provides filtering solutions without compromising employee access.

Cons / This filter does not prevent unauthorized user access by USB flash drives.

 Verdict / ContentProtect Professional is a solid move towards keeping yourself ahead of the game when using an open access policy with your employees. It allows your network to function as loose or as tight as you would like without sacrificing security.

Finding the right small business content filter is vital to the survival of your network. ContentProtect Professional provides the immediate support for your small office network to help you enforce your internet usage policies. Scalable options, including excellent reporting and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) considerations help you keep employees on task and protect company IT resources. These are just some of the features that helped make ContentProtect Professional our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

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ContentProtect Pro comes with all the features we looked for in small business web filters. You can use this filter to manage the online behavior of up to 99 people on your network.

Group and user policies enable you to set access levels that accommodate your team. Group policies allow you to set up access levels by department or work group. Additional support for portable user profiles lets you customize user access down to the level of individual employees. An optional notification feature even allows you to tell employees if they are attempting to access a forbidden site.

Time controls let you provide limited internet access to your employees. Custom scheduling for web access can be set for specific periods of the day – such as on breaks – or limited to a specific allotment during a given period. Peer-to-peer (P2P) management restricts employees from using your bandwidth to pirate software, music, video or eBooks. This feature serves two purposes: it encourages productivity and minimizes your risk of abetting copyright infringement.

An anonymous proxy filter keeps your workers from bypassing your use restrictions. The filter is able to decrypt socket layer encryption that would normally bypass your filter. This means that activity on HTTPS sites can be monitored. ContentProtect is then able to scan those sites for undesirable keywords and phrases.

The ContentProtect Professional content analysis engine is one of the most accurate available and helps you avoid overblocking websites. This is a dynamic, real-time solution for a digital landscape where sites can appear faster than you can decide what to do with them. With the proxy filter, you can monitor your employees' use of social media, chat rooms and instant messaging. While certain degrees of behavior might be acceptable, filtering social content by keyword can help you head off any threatening or harassing behavior from, or directed at, your employees.

ContentProtect Professional's administration tools are completely cloud based. The administration console is online, which allows you to manage your network from anywhere. Mobile devices you allow on your network are also covered by your ContentProtect license. A password-protected uninstall makes sure your employees aren’t removing the software from those devices as soon as they leave the office.


The proxy filter that helps you monitor social networks and other secure connections can also block sites that you feel are counterproductive to your workplace environment. You can use it to block streaming audio and video as well.

ContentProtect Professional of course features category blocking. And with Safe Search, the content analysis engine can block sites based on their content even if they aren't in a blocked category. Web-based email and dating sites can be quickly detected and blocked before they even appear in a search result. Other popular time wasters such as online gaming, blogs and chat rooms can be blocked wholesale along with online gambling and pornography. Your network policies can be as draconian or laissez-faire as you want them to be.


This enterprise web filter offers several reporting methods. You have the opportunity to see the reported data remotely. So if you have a business meeting in Kenya yet still need to know what your employees are up to, simply log into the application and you can access the content filter reports. This can be a very handy feature if you are the owner of a small business and manage all of your technical details by yourself. In addition, you can set up this content filter to email you reports at specific times of the day. If you are looking for something or someone specific in your reports, simply enter in your search parameters in the log search and you should see the information momentarily. This web monitoring application also records each website your employees visit and captures screenshots of the applications they use.

Help & Support

ContentProtect Pro gives you plenty of support options. The company offers a phone number for quick answers as well as an email address where you can send your concerns and wait for a reply. This content filter also provides an abundant knowledgebase with more than 380 different answered questions. In addition, you can review current product manuals as well as older documentation.


ContentProtect Pro has a heaping list of features to help you maximize the productivity of your workforce while allowing the right amount of access to the internet. The cloud-based web management console keeps you updated while the content analysis engine protects your network from harmful sites and prevents unauthorized web use.

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