Pros / InterGuard's activity-generated log helps you enforce web policies.

Cons / InterGuard does not provide a premade report of top policy breakers.

 Verdict / Although lacking a few reporting features, this is still a great content filter.

The InterGuard small business content filter has the ability to set up an activity-generated log. If an employee tries to access forbidden websites or applications, the activity-generated logging system will automatically start to monitor and take screenshots of all computer activities. To add an extra bit of warning to a non-compliant employee, simply set the user notification to send a popup warning to the errant employee whenever this type of activity is encountered. This feature serves to remind your employees that you are committed to the security of your network through office web monitoring.

Along with being able to track what your employees are doing online, this web monitor automatically blocks out unsafe content such as pornographic websites, dating websites, gambling websites, gaming websites and more. If you have employees who are addicted to social networking sites, you have the ability to block those sites. However if you choose to let your employees surf the net during specific breaks and lunches simply set up the time-based filtering. When the approved internet time comes around, you don't have to do a thing – the internet filters are automatically lifted. When it's time to go back to work, the filters automatically re-engage.

One of the highlights of this enterprise web filtering software is its ability to protect computers that are not even connected to your network. The policies are stored locally on each machine, making it easy to filter employees who work on company computers but never set foot in the office. This is a great advantage for businesses that have people working out in the field or remotely.

InterGuard offers several different options when it comes to delivering you the data you need. You have the option of logging in to the remote computer and viewing user reports, or you can have them emailed to you at specified times and intervals. A bonus feature of this business web filter is the ability to have your reports automatically archived. If an office incident ever requires that you look into exactly what an employee is doing while online, simply review the archived screenshots file and you can see every move they have made. This content filter also records a list of each and every website that your employees visit throughout their day.

While the report delivery and archiving options are useful, the reports themselves are pretty basic. They get the job done, but we would have liked to have seen the ability to create more informative reports with this content filter, such as reports on top policy breakers and top applications used.

InterGuard web monitor offers a great set of support options. We had no problem when trying to find out how to reach them. We were pleased to see their telephone number listed on the main page of their website; we didn't have to hunt for it. Also available is the ability to chat live with a real person. We had a few questions and chose to use their chat feature, and we were quite happy with the response we received. There is also an email address for technical support questions as well as a list of FAQs, a product manual and product how-to guide.

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InterGuard is a great content filter product as long as you don’t need to get too fancy with reports. It contains useful features for blocking inappropriate websites and the ability to protect computers that are not even logged onto your network. This content filter works well and is worthy of your consideration.

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