Pros / SafeSquid integrates well with most popular antivirus and reporting tools.

Cons / Its sharp learning curve requires experienced Network Administrators.

 Verdict / SafeSquid may be the small-business content filter for you if your network involves high technology with multiple points of access.

SafeSquid is a scalable small business content filter for the advanced user. Its list of tools, available features and excellent support options make it a good choice for a growing network. However, there is a sharp learning curve.

SafeSquid is popular for its advanced filtering options. You can filter content by a variety of factors. Pages can even be modified in real time to show useful content while removing potential threats posed by scripted code. Filter categories are set by profile, so you can create granular policies that differ among departments or individuals. Users seeking content outside of your acceptable use policy are redirected to a notification page. In its documentation, SafeSquid recommends this feature “should be used with some imagination and logic to get the best results.” Defined users will not be subjected to this type of URL redirect.

SafeSquid’s URL redirect feature is also used when distributing the load of incoming requests among multiple servers, virtual or otherwise. Your network can use this configuration to protect itself from common web-based attacks. SafeSquid enhances existing security by cooperating well with popular antivirus programs.

Beyond protecting your bottom line, SafeSquid has excellent reporting capabilities. You can use the resulting user logs to create exhaustive reports on user activity and network threats. Data from these logs can also be integrated with many common reporting tools to create detailed reports and presentations. The three main reporting features are the Access Log, the Extended Log and the Native Log. The Access Log reports on the usage and access patterns of applications. The Extended Log details requests in the proxy application. And the Native Log reveals the network activities affected by your policies and configurations.

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SafeSquid is a great business web-filtering software that will help you mitigate threats on both sides of the server. You can use it to limit external access for your employees while providing an extra layer of protection from threats on the internet.

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