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Insperity TimeStar Compare Quotes

Pros / This system includes scheduling and forecast tools, which help you create effective schedules for your employees.

Cons / This time and attendance system charges a fee for setup and training.

 Verdict / Insperity’s TimeStar offers a comprehensive feature set that makes it competitive with higher ranked products; however, it charges a fee for setup and training services, which could make getting started with this service more costly.

TopTenREVIEWS - Excellence Award - Awarded for excellence in design, usability and feature set

Insperity's time and attendance software, TimeStar, is customizable to meet your company's time tracking needs. It tracks both hourly and salaried employees and allows you to set specific pay rules and policies depending on employee type, department and project. This system tracks paid time off, sick leave, holidays and other time accruals, and it automatically recalculates hours and payrolls based on when time off is taken.

This employee time and attendance software is cloud-based. You can access it from any desktop internet browser. Mobile phones can also easily access the virtual time clock through a browser or using the company's time clock app. Furthermore, this system can integrate with physical time clocks too.

In our tests, Insperity's TimeStar earned 85 percent for overall usability. Both the employee and administrative dashboards are uncluttered, and the functions are clearly labeled and neatly organized.

The employee self-service portal lets employees clock in and out, request time off, swap shifts and view their accruals. This time and attendance software notifies you when an employee has clocked in or out, has punched in late, has requested time off or has missed a punch.

Managers can run specific reports that provide further information at a glance, such as consistent tardiness, for example. You can filter report data by department or by individual employee. Since this time and attendance software is hosted on Insperity's servers, your data is automatically backed up, so you don't have to worry about losing your files.

One of the best features of Insperity's TimeStar is its ability to forecast labor for projects; for example, you can estimate how many employees you may need to schedule before you assign shifts. Additionally, once your weekly schedule has been created and posted, employees can see and notify you of any changes that need to be made.

Even after employee timesheets have been accepted and approved, Insperity's TimeStar gives you the ability to retroactively change any time or payroll calculations. Every change made to your timesheets is recorded in an audit trail. This uneditable record helps you comply with labor regulations.

Other time and attendance systems we evaluated offer setup and installation assistance with their packages at no additional cost. Insperity, however, charges a one-time setup fee that includes both installation and training. This fee is rather expensive, costing more than $1,500 for up to 50 employees. After the initial setup and training, additional technical support is included with your monthly subscription fee.

You can contact help and support via email. There's no live-chat option, and there's no FAQs page on the company's website. This system integrates with physical time clocks, including badge terminals and biometric time clocks. It doesn't integrate with rugged time clocks, so any employees working away from the office have to rely on the mobile app to clock in and clock out.


Getting started with Insperity's TimeStar is costly due to the installation and training fee. However, once you're up and running, this time and attendance system is capable. It tracks when employees are on the clock and notifies you of any concerning behaviors, such as too many late starts or missed punches. It calculates accruals, and specialty schedules are easily created using this program's forecasting tools.

Insperity TimeStar Compare Quotes